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Reborn Plate & Metal Ore Full Guide (With Pictures!)

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This post is meant as a guide for newbie and casual players alike. I made this post since alot (and i mean ALOT) of people still dont know about Metal Ore and Reborn Plate, how to get them, where to get them, or even how do they work. Well this post (hopefully) will answer all those questions.

Lets start simple, the abbreviations and what they look like :

MO = Metal Ore


RP = Reborn Plate


(I'll be using this abbreviations through out this post to save time)

Where to get them ?

You can find MO and RP as drop from MHSK (Mini HolyStoneKeeper) in ELAN, specifically in LJ (Lack Jaw) in ELAN.


The monster looks like this, only smaller, and there are 2 of them every spawn. 

(They spawn every 30 minutes or so)



How to use Metal Ore ? 

Metal Ore can be combine through hero via "Item Combiner", To combine them you will need 99pcs Metal Ore + race currency (Dallant/Disena/CP)



The are two possible result after combining MO, either Dragon Socket or Metal Plate. Although you will get Dragon Socket (around 90% of the time)

Screenshot_9.png.7bbd880cc1f124290ebd5ccf6ab848e9.png Screenshot_9.png.02247b8d22c71206b757b3e74cbf737e.png

Notes :

- MHSK have a thick HP, you bringing a towerist with max tower on site (6 towers) is highly reccomended

- Try using level 70 towerist and avoid letting level 75 hitting the monster as it could result in less drop both MO and RP


Now for RP, it is for a system called Reborn, where player can reset their level back 1, and in exchange you gain items.

Facts about reborn :

1) You have to be level 75 to initiate Reborn

2) Reborn can only be used 10x per character (not ID)

3) Reborn Plate are not stackable, which means that even though you have them stacked, it will still be count as one. (ex. if you have 99pcs plate, it will all be consumed once you use Reborn function)

4) You need to have Reborn Plate in your bag to initiate Reborn.

5) Sometimes player encounter error while using RP even though they havent went through 10 reborn in said character(ex. Item Not Found). To solve this, i reccommend switching to different reborn plate, this usually fix the problem immidiately.

6) Reborn also reset your quest line, so you can do quest all over again to gain more cpt.

7) Like any other untradeable stackable items you cant separate them once they are stacked. My reccommendation is to store your RP in bank as soon as you get them from MHSK. So the RP will look kinda like this :


(Note that each RP in each slot is still counted as one)

How to use Reborn Plate ? 

After you completed the requierment mentioned above, you can now initiate reborn, here is how :

Go to your race's Hero and click "Class Redefine"


If successful you will receive the following item :

Screenshot_13.png.23ce000f15789478bda7da80c80a99ec.png This box contains either Metal Plate or Gold Plate, the number of Metal Plate you can get is random (1~5)

HADES POT, specs as followed :


After that your level will be reset to 1, and you can restart the process all over again.

Thats about it, hope this can help, for more question or correction please refer to comment section.

Thank You~

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