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Found 1 result

  1. WELCOME TO THE LEGENDARY GUILD MrsPrincess "Since 2017" ABOUT GUILD " LEGENDARY GUILD STILL ALIVE " GUILD LEADER : Quicho This guild has been created since 2017, some of the best generations have passed. But old players still play and we still exist today YES!! MrsPrincess Stay Alive!! We are still active!! look on the best overall rating at the moment!! ABOUT RULES ALL MEMBER MUST LOYAL, FRIENDLY & RESPECT TO EACH OTHER ALL MEMBER BE ACTIVE (PVP/FARM/CHATING) JOIN THIS GUILD WITH YOUR MAIN CHAR (MIN 30k CPT) MAFIA = KICKED OUT ABOUT INFORMATION THIS INTERNATIONAL GUILD FROM INDONESIA GVG EVERY DAY AT 7.00 / 8.00 PM (INDO TIME) GROUP ON WHATSAPP ========================================================================================================================================== JOIN AND BE THE LEGEND WITH US !! GLORY BELLATO UNION !!