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Found 38 results

  1. IGN : Android17 strong but no respect ,
  3. Is that good ? killing own race. what do you think ?
  4. Good job asshole you forgot about the MOU. Killed me twice CW3 night war cora won the war.
  5. Yennefer

    Why Banned Me?

    Why Banned Me? Any Proof That I'm doing scam? I'm not do anything wrong. And you lock my ip address too? Please Be Wise And Unbbaned Me. IGN : Yennefer
  6. baelong09

    Patch Failure

    Good day, sir! My launcher always tell me this error: It will automatically patch "clientmodule.dll" (1st picture) and then after that, the launcher will extract the file and it will say "Patch failure" (2nd pic.) How can I solve this problem? Thank you and have a good day!
  7. ign: EMELANG saying nasty chat in all chat during my live stream Hope some of you guys wont disrespect us streamers especially im a lady EMELANG SAYS on the Screenshot "Baho kag bilat" Translation from Cebuano to English "Your pussy stinks."
  8. CW2 @ Feb 17 around 1PM, Philippines time. You can clearly see on my Screen Shot that he/she kill me..
  9. Dear owner XTR (GM Izzy) , Through this thread I as the owner of the account RaizoR want to give an exception against my char. It just happens that my char performs an action that is otherwise forbidden by this server which is doing promotion of another RF. (executed banned permanent). Anyone who wears my char, although it is done by pilot or hacker though, RaizoR remains as RaizoR in the game, I admit it. But there is one thing I would like to tell you about the action (please see the image below) In the picture, it appears that IGN RaizoR made an invitation to play on another RF, but did not mention the name of the RF. Looking at the statement, I believe that it is quite a minor to get a Bann permanent sanction because it does not mention the RF name, reflecting on the incident that occurred in past (IGN xRavaeL Race Leader Cora in that time) conduct a promotion by mentioning the name of the RF. Such an exception I could make, Please your discretion as the owner of this XTR. It's the last attempt I can do. I'm doing this not to blaming, but merely for my precious char. If it is released, please bann char me if I make a mistake again in the future (for any mistake). If not, so this my farewell thread. Thank you
  10. presley


    why hasn't this grade been upgraded? asda
  11. WhiteGold

    Councils not active

    Hi sir just to inform you that three on that image or the tree elected council are not active since sunday until last nights war ihave given them karma of jade its because some cora asking me where are other councils and they got elected but not active .thank you have a nice day Ign:Margo
  12. WhiteGold

    Against all mou :)

    Hi sir this bellato just break the mou rules of engagement lately hour ago "cw3" acc win cora fail bellato lose at that time . Council reported me and others the same name.
  13. tanggal : 21/12/2019 kondisi : Cora win CW 3, ACC n BELL harus kill HSK Tersangka : DikaSandra Race : Bellato
  14. WeaponryKeeperABC

    Rude Leadership (Invalid Reason)

    IGN: LAZAROS (Archon) Race: Holy Alliance of Cora Violation: Giving KARMA stone to his own Striker Team, which is against the rule act of no.4 KARMA Rules. *what a disappointment act of discipline*
  15. IGN : iKenzuya Race : Bellato Reason : Insulting my family, he said very bad words to my mother Please your action GM...thank you
  16. Hello GM/Admin, My 2nd account was banned, I checked the unban date and it is stated 03 Dec 2019 08:57 AM But it is Dec 3 already and my account is still Ban. screenshot: http://tinyurl.com/svlv5nb Can you please help on how to resolve this? or Perhaps unban the account? Thanks
  17. Can you pls fix my account? I got banned for reason Memory Editing Hack, but i didn't even do it. Chronology: I want combine my relic TK but got failed, and then i want tho relogin for get back 2pcs of my relic TK. When i'm relogin, i got dc, and then i want to login again, but i got banned. Please fix this, thanks before.
  18. Race : Accretia IGN : Impakto Case : Cheat Blink Video : https://youtu.be/zh5ZKSEx608
  19. iCocytus


    First of all i want to say sorry for being toxic in the game, i know i do a terrible mistake in that and i hope sir izzy you can give me another chance to play in your server... Please 1 more chance sir izzy can you unbanned my acount IGN: iCocytus
  20. I don't care about the CPT but damn that attack speed is too fast. So, kindly asking to check if this is legit. IGN: M3R1T4 Race: Bellato Guild: Useless Youtube link: https://youtu.be/-7SH_bdziu8
  21. joepau08


    a long time that since i dont log in my char. i do read the furom that my IGN is bannable. pls GM, im asking for free change name card. so that i could my IGN.. i dont have enough vote points to buy change name card.
  22. bangdok

    id : gobes0

    Selamat ulang tahun cantk, putri dari Izzy Manika yg ke -2 semoga menjadi kebanggan keluarga dan membawa berkah untuk org2 d sekililingnya. amin 🥳 id : gobes0
  23. Works


    why i got DC everytime i got killed by this man and also LTD and others.. i forgot ther IGN xD...
  24. This Player IGN : iFunnyMan This player wants me to banned for i dont know bullshit reason. he keeps saying that i will need to pray also . im always praying . Sir izzy , GM . he wants me to banned and he keeps saying that i am bullshit bugger and bullshit hacker . CRAZY ! . i am a pinoy also dont do this to me man , i think he accused me that because all of he's character died on me thats why you accusing me that, i am that kind of bullshit hacker .. MAN I WILL TEACH YOU , I AM PRO SPEC ACC ! ! ! Dont mad at me BRO :) im just playing and enjoying like izzy said . and i dont need that kind of bullshit hack or bugs. like your said ifunnyman , like you said , investigation will come :) , and i want this player also permanently banned. if im not that kind of player that he accused on me and sir Izzy , its all up to you.. and do you think you can use hack and bugs on this server man ifunnyman ? crazy funny :)) then if yes ? , you are also saying that admins here are useless .. dont do that bro. we dont need that. iFunnyMan so what do you want ? you want to nerf spec ? dont worry man , i can kill only ranger's . and NOTE *warriors is not easy to me * even im pro spec :) DONT PM ME IN GAME MAN , your really hurts me . :) , your not fair , what do you want ? no one can kill you ? :). damn . IZZY i am sorry for some bad words , sir . but his player hurts me alot . its not ok , and its not good to me. and i think he's not healthy on this server . THANK YOU SO MUCH.