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Found 1 result

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hi there! I'm trying to help you who had some effect problems/glitch on MAU units (CATAPULT/GOLIATH) (I know if this isn't so important, but for someone who pays attention to details. maybe this file can help ) IMPORTANT! what you need to know before you using this file 1. the file only fixing some effect on MAU units (Catapult & Goliath) from low tier MAU until white MAU level 70+ 2. nothing change for MAU units level 75 HOW TO USE 1. extract the file and copy to your RF EXTREME ONLINE folder 2. overwrite file to the new one 3. open your game 4. feel the change on effect NOTE : (if necessary) I will re-update the file, when some update from server show up THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!!! HOPE YOU ENJOY IT BONUS this how it looks like before using this file Golden Catapult (before) Golden Catapult (after) White Catapult level 70 (before) White Catapult level 70 (after) Nothing change for White Catapult level 75