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  1. Renz

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    Greetings for RF Extreme owner and My beloved friend. First of all, I want to let you know that I was one of RaizoR pilots and I was the one who played RaizoR last time, before this incident began. I will send you some evidence from the conversation, hopefully you can reconsider it sir Izzy. 1. Luqman sent me a message, he said "ren, can you log in raizor tonight, I'm on my way out of town" and at that time, precisely at 16:18 indo time, I logged in raizor and intended to play until cw 3. 2. After a while, after finishing pvp at lumenion, Im briefly afk at HQ, and suddenly I got a notification "disconected from server" someone has logged in raizor then I asked "who using raizor" at group, but no one using RaizoR. 3. And BOOM!! RaizoR logged in and immediately promotes another server!! we very shock with this words, and of course RaizoR will get permanently banned. Maybe this is the only evidence that I can send to you. I hope you can reconsider banned for RaizoR. All Accretians know that the figure of RaizoR is a person who can raise the morale of the players and improve the mentality while at PVP. RaizoR owner is a very good person, i learned a lot of things from him, he taught me how to play like a pro LC, n also he give various Tips and Trick. SIR IZZY PLEASE #RELEASERAIZOR THANK YOU Regards, BlackSiege
  2. Renz

    Changelog 17/12/2019

    Try to play ACC and u will know.
  3. Renz

    Strong Bellato

    Ahh bisa aja omsylphin
  4. @Unicorn thread apalagi ini wkwk, kata2 jual beli akunnya mana ya? Segitunya apa pengen bikin orang kebanned? Uke oh Uke
  5. Renz


    @SayuriRanger Wkwk kesel aja gw bre, orang2 cora udh bnyk yg pake gituan, sombong pula berasa paling GG njir
  6. Renz


    @YourStrong I remind to you, that stigma 3 will come to your race, bro.
  7. Wew, itu sih jelas aspd, keliatan bgt skill pake staffnya kenceng bener, up pak @izzy
  8. Renz

    acc players sabotage my account

    @hachid udh gausah dilanjutin lgi cuk, malah nambah panjang urusan e
  9. Renz

    Invi Hitting Max Range

    Ni orang ngapa ya, gk pernah maen LC kali wkwk
  10. IGN: MrsAmbon Race: Bellato Date / Time: 20 August 2019 / 10.45 PM Indo Local Time Break Mou after CW 3, Cora win war but he kill me
  11. Renz


    ID: killersleep
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    Share Event to Your Facebook

    ID: killersleep
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    Event Share Facebook FREE 20VP

    ID: killersleep IGN: BlackSiege link facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kurangtau.kurangtau.1