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  1. IvI

    @izzy check concils acc pls

    sooner or later. does not add the absence of online advice. 1 hour of CW and only 2 advice online. unfortunate
  2. Mr. Izzy, please clarify a doubt. I am acc, I am killing my heart and they are calling me toxic. killing another race other than mine, is it against the rules of the game? acc and cora are in league, I am obliged not to kill cora, just bell
  3. they're not letting anyone get close to abx.
  4. I never saw this in the game, so my friends doubts, I only ask for an opinion from Mr. Izzy, is this really correct?
  5. Race: Bellato IGN: Expendables Belato de hacker, sem demora de habilidade, por gentileza sir izzy investigar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRl39hjaCQQ
  6. IvI

    Cora Cheat

    IGN: Lowbies Raça: Corita empire cora Lowbies, using speed hacker pvp in lumenion. Sir, please check this. THX