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  1. iAndhie

    Share Event to Your Facebook

    id: raseh006
  2. iAndhie

    BUG CB nick iReborn

    i saw it too but I think it's only visual bug
  3. iAndhie

    Thanks for 2 Years

    thank you also for this server :), a stress reliever from IRL work.
  4. iAndhie

    6 slotted donation mantle from GCP

    you have to remove first all the talics with restoration talic. then combine the 6 slot mantle and dragon socket (5vp) or can be farm with 99 metal ore + 2B Lastly, upgrade manually your mantle. Goodluck
  5. iAndhie

    6 slotted donation mantle from GCP

    I dont think so, every mantle that purchased before the gcp update will stay on it's original number of slot. I'm afraid that you have to manually add a socket on it.
  6. iAndhie

    Merger Server RF-EXTREME 2019

    nice event!
  7. iAndhie

    2 Years Anniversary Event

    GM, until when this is event?
  8. iAndhie

    Im so sorry guys

    Bidding are for those serious player who wants to get this item, don't make it a joke after winning and not willing to pay
  9. iAndhie

    Introduce yourself

    name: Andhie IGN: iAndhie Race: Cora Address: UAE age: 32
  10. iAndhie

    i forgot my password..

    I'm 100% totally agree to you on this, but this is what happening to him. I thought he just forgot the password but now I saw this post and remember the current situation. Maybe it was hacked, what do you think?
  11. iAndhie

    i forgot my password..

    Hi Revely, my friend also facing the same from his 2 accounts. I'm sure of putting we are putting correct userid and password but still unable to log in. My suspicion is maybe my account itself has been deleted?
  12. iAndhie

    Event Share Facebook FREE 20VP

    Finally, after reducing the file size I managed to upload it. Thanks for the advise.
  13. iAndhie


    Hi GM Izzy, I applied for the following account: ID: perf IGN: DeathByHaIimaw It's mentioned done, but the character is not there...could you please check it once again, thank you in advance.
  14. iAndhie

    Event Share Facebook FREE 20VP

    Hello GM, It keeps showing upload failed when uploading the screenshot. So please acknowledge below shareable link from google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17xRljPV67Hd90IFSXRhvyv5vicThJHRV/view ID: andhie133128 IGN: iAndhie
  15. iAndhie

    Event Share youtube

    ID: andhie133128 IGN: iAndhie