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Reduce PB Benteng spawn, From 24 Hours change to 18 Hours for once spawn Read more... ×


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  1. Impakto

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    I'm really excited to know what will be the outcome of your email. But honestly as per the recent feedback we are getting, I'm hoping not to be disappointed this time. Otherwise I will be prepare for the same outcome
  2. Impakto


    Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter... ID: raseh006
  3. Impakto

    Only a suggestion !

    I'm playing in middle east region and I know a lot also playing in this server, making it 7am indonesian time is 4am for us and it's difficult. The best course of action is to set the time where everybody can attend.
  4. me too also, I would like to make a deal on this.
  5. I don't even know WALWAL2 and Bolivia (RIP for his account), but let me tell you one thing. Not all specs are bug user, maybe there has but I believe not all of them. Me too also attempt to use it but I kindly find it boring. I have skill and knowledge to use rather than depending on some bugs that almost a decade hasn't fixed by any RF server. Anyway on this server, you can't beat ACC specs "easily" unless you are a +7 user or an isis user. If you still think that he is using some sort of cheat with high damage then let the management investigate it with your proof. Happy PVP!
  6. do you know how to play acc spec? the damage of every weapon has minimum and maximum also you don't know whether your opponent is using potato or OD. seriously, you always think that every spec with higher damage you want to investigate then ask GM to remove ACC specs on the race.... just telling, learn to counter and learn to pvp more....zzzZZZZ
  7. Impakto

    how remove this in GCP?

    this is very annoying...remove this
  8. Impakto

    GM Izzy BUG SK Bolivia

    just post it so he can easily investigate.
  9. Impakto

    GM Izzy BUG SK Bolivia

    https://forum.rf-extreme.com/topic/417-changelog-04032019/?tab=comments#comment-1972 for your info, see at the last message from Izzy
  10. Impakto

    GM Izzy BUG SK Bolivia

    This has been updated before and no longer works, please review an old post from Izzy
  11. Impakto

    S-1 Elems?

    You have to craft the ring with 2 gold plate and 2 S1/S2 amulet: 2 GP + 2 S1 AMU + 2B disena/cp = 1 S1 RING 2 GP + 2 S2 AMU + 2B disena/cp = S2 RING S1/S2 ring I believe can also get from the gatcha event, try your luck bro.
  12. Impakto

    ACC dodge???

    But it is much better if they will also apply it in Cora if ever
  13. Impakto

    ACC dodge???

    Hi @AlingVicky, I believe what he is referring is the previous attributes on each races where ACC also has a good dodge where has been change due server update. I think this was where server still new. it's not about asking to change it make it imbalance for ACC dodger but has to return the dodge stats. Anyway, it's just my own opinion because most of the player now preferred to go def build.
  14. Impakto


    this is not advertising, it was a clear kind of conversation.