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    Banned Account - Penny

    sad what happen?
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    CAN I Comment .. SINCE All of US has/Have Committed Some Mistakes On the server or In our personal Behavior we need to understand SOME party's (GUILD) i respect BR Team/INDO player's and some PINOY PLAYER Participant because we are only playing on the server WELL think and See what server now . Arguing because of Chaos mode or for some reason I played here (izzy) server for 3 years . yes some players are toxic GUILD leaders members SOLO players or any kind . but for some REASON i heard some QUITING the server because "BOTH" partys are on COLD WAR .. well its normal why PLAYERS will be back and go to 2 BIG GUILDS in ACC BELLATO CORA cooperate if you have mis-understanding . WE are ALL family here DONT broke the rules DONT broke the server POPULATION . thanks.