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  1. Memalukan bangsa Bells. Memang thread sampah ini.
  2. Lile

    my Reborn plate disappeared

    Simple solution : pick 1 Rebon Plate > save it in bank. Then come back to LJ, pick again reborn plate > save it in bank, and save it in other slot. Repeat this till 20 slots or 40 slots.
  3. Lile

    my Reborn plate disappeared

    First rule : dont stuck your reborn plate Why? Cause, if you had been reborn, even if your reborn plate is x99999999, it just counted as 1 in system game. Sorry bad english.
  4. Lile


    Kalo pake SayuriRanger? Kwowkowkwok
  5. Lile


    Such A Stupid Report. Fools. And Brainless. Izzy has spoken like this "we don't take care of personal matters (pm) " Evidence : https://forum.rf-extreme.com/topic/653-papakhalifa/?tab=comments#comment-3229 So WALWAL2's report is useless. Kwkwkwkw. I like to see a moron person.
  6. Kwkwkw.... Mantab pak...
  7. Lile

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    Kwkwkw They (Darah & 0991991) don't seem to feel playing as Cora & Acc. My experience as ... Acc. Job LC, items are limited to CA, Dragon, +6, Ele A1. I'm having a hard time killing other players. long delay, not flexible, and difficult when the position of defended (the choice is just to run, and if you have been attacked, you can only hope for luck) Acc. Job Merchen, items DA +7, +7 and Dragon +6 shields, Ele Legend. The defense is still soft. 3 Tower has been overwhelmed. I'm self aware, maybe because I'm still wearing Ele Legend. My experience as ... Cora. Pure Job Ranger, standard items (CA, Dragon, Ele S1 Amu, and Rings are still Legend). Cora is very easy for Reborn, because to go up to level 70-75 you only need to party and use Isis, to level up to 75 you need another player to help. When I became a Pure Ranger, the weakness in Cora was that I couldn't use Dodge, (that's clear). The accuracy is high, but you have to sacrifice an additional 55% damage (Damage from the Divine Coat). That is what I feel in Acc (Job LC). The weakness, when the position of defended, (waiting for the delay skill time) or pursued by several other players. Deff and Dodge obviously couldn't help. My experience as ... Bells. Pure Job Ranger, standard items (CA, DA, Ele S1AA, S1 Ring & A1 Ring). Indeed, I feel flexibility in the Bellato ranger, although Critical Chance from Afterneath has been nerf, but it still feels, because even though Afterneath +6 damage is small, but Ranger Bells can use Skill without Delay. I felt it when I played Cora or Acc. Also, Damage Ranger Bells can be high if using Ronaldo. Moreover, the skill of the Job Rangers Bells indeed supports Gun weapons. Then when the position of defended, Bellato's avoidance was very useful, (but had to use the Super Smart Potion). Especially what I feel now. I did feel something was wrong. In the past, I was very easily attacked by WR Acc whose using Standard Item and Accu Booster, but, now its not. I also felt that thing when I played Acc Job WR. In the past, I could attack my friend (Dodge 466) with my Full acurasy. (Accu 386). But now it's not. I rarely play, but once I play, I feel the difference, so I feel it too. just a matter of time, until Bells over population. *Sorry for Bad English
  8. Chaos abused is you kill lowbie ( lv 1-20) in HQ. So he is right make a report.
  9. Haaaaaaah... What a fu*cking ridiculous player. He make a fu*cking non-sense reason. He make a fu*cking ridiculous command. He doesn't obey the rule. Aaahh. i almost forget dude..... The spying strategies in the war is fu*cking commonplace. How fu*cking stupid there is someone who doesn't understand that. The Conclusion : Change your mind. If you have it. Jed. Kwkwkwkw
  10. Lile

    Dismantle the GP?

    Maybe u can try to trade it with WeaponryKeeper. He have a lot MP. and i guess he want do it if you trade it, your GP with 50MP *sorry Bad English
  11. Lile

    Racist Player

    Absolutely insulting Indonesian people. Absolutely racism.
  12. Lile

    Bugg Weapon

    But its funny. How it can be, Acibath cange to Afternath, hahaha. Dont worry about this dude. Just try to make another Dragon Weapon, even Cassius have Afternath too.
  13. Lile


    @VaginalDischarge of course. Then i just block pm. And when u talk toxic to me in normal chat, i can SS and report. n you get banned.
  14. Lile

    Racist & Toxic

    Sim1, this way i said you is just a little brat, brainless, sorry this is the fact. I dont care about your tradition, like hip hop, flip flop or whatever this shit. I just believe the local tradition of Filipinos is more civilized than that. I dont care about your relationship with your friends, and about your ways when talk with ur friend. My point in here is just "Think again about the use of N-word!!" It doesn't matter if you become a toxic. But don't use words that can be offensive the issues of religion, ethnicity, and race. N-word is including the word who can be offensive racionalst issues. U think in there just Asian people? Indonesianese, Phillipinanese, or Singaporanese? No brat!! In there, many people from another country and another race. This is International PvP server. So watch ur mouth when u talking. Learn to be a wise man, kid!