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  1. Hello GM/Admin, My 2nd account was banned, I checked the unban date and it is stated 03 Dec 2019 08:57 AM But it is Dec 3 already and my account is still Ban. screenshot: http://tinyurl.com/svlv5nb Can you please help on how to resolve this? or Perhaps unban the account? Thanks
  2. Myrmi


    Hello Admin, Is there any donation for S2 rings? and How much? Thanks
  3. Myrmi

    GM Izzy BUG SK Bolivia

    do you have a video of it?? You do well know that spec weapon that is using stun grenade will surely hit fast.. or do you capture it while he is throwing net and other ammo?
  4. Myrmi

    Siege Kit Bug (video)

    Launchers are born 1 hitters as this is the main damager in accretia race..... Haven't you played other servers before? So you shouldn't be surprise about this specially if characters with low hp, unless if you are a tanker type with full elems and armors and you got 1 hit... That's where the unusual thing starts
  5. Myrmi

    Dragon weapon

    Hello I have a lot of trash weapons, how can I delete this dragon weapons? I can't even sell it nor trade