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  1. can be considered as an exploitation...a warning can be given
  2. who uses normal hit though? wkwkwk! your COmpound Siege and Chain Rocket can reach him from that distance though....try it
  3. lRNl

    Form miserly sldnfl no preparation

    how much? wkkwkw
  4. this would be more believable if there was an actual screenshot of the "Trade" ingame, showing the items....but meh...clearly a scheme to put a "celebrity" down you myt be the one getting banned for saying bad things about the admin...careful
  5. Violator of MOU IGN: Polaris Target Chip: BCC Chip Stat: 71%
  6. lRNl

    ten tenenen ten tentenenenen

    Suppose is a word used as a verb meaning “to assume that something is the case on the basis of evidence or probability but without proof or certain knowledge.” Welcome to XTR kid enjoy your stay! he was even wrong on correcting me he's just a kid seeking attention hahahaha
  7. lRNl

    ten tenenen ten tentenenenen

    is this suppose to accomplish something?
  8. thanks for the quick response IZ....more power to RF XTR
  9. EQUIPMENTS aside, he's not even online for a week or more on cora....basically he just run JUST FOR FUN
  10. i was gonna report this also....thanks for bringing this up TC
  11. well in any case...let's wait for izzy to take action on this issue...hoping for the best for ACC...since your race has the most potential on overthrowing bells u guys just lack unity
  12. not sure about being "settled" when you brought up an fb post dated last year...
  13. This is getting absurd... You're bringing out your personal fight here @ forums. Seeking each other's mistakes,flaws,violations. etc. Who wants some popcorn for this episode of this week's drama?
  14. welp let Delilah run for RL on cora then... 100% sure he will go ally with Bells despite having massive population...talk about balance right?
  15. i see... that was the time when you guys were overpopulated...i think ANCORT got 2 weeks ban for that? the good old days...