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  1. IGN: HITACHI Race: Accretia Empire Situation: Intentional chain rocket skill on CW status B64% C72%.
  2. IGN: Eduu Race: Accretia Empire (Defense Team Officer) Situation: Intentional kill while DPS BCC, using Destructive Shot "don't tell me its AoE or Cleaving"
  3. Aleria

    cursing all Cora with F.U

    Sure, no problem. You should check it this out for additional motivation https://forum.rf-extreme.com/topic/1356-cora-are-strong-boys-motivational-video/
  4. Aleria

    cursing all Cora with F.U

    Here, take it as sweet revenge... He is so boring on pvp, a keyboard warrior? naaah I've encounter a lot of em'... He should sleep on dirt now, I hope this motivates you a lot. And always remember that we're just lurking around hunt them down. see ya around...
  5. IGN: MinionBK Race: Bellato Union Date|Time: Yesterday Feb.23 CW2, around 2pm+(GMT-PH) killing HSK, +*edit* "WIN RACE - Accretia Empire" Violation: He used Destruction Rune on a group of Cora.
  6. Aleria

    Running with SK mode + Chain Rocket

    now you know, i wont report if you dont do such thing.
  7. Aleria

    Running with SK mode + Chain Rocket

    tell me, how come its vision no Siege Kit Mode sound then chain rocket and just run away without unSiege Kit. As you can see on my ScreenShot after he Chain Rocket he just running away with his Siege Kit On. Explain pls
  8. IGN: BrgyTANOD Race: Accretia Empire Map: Lumenion Nortir Date | Time: February 17, 2019 | 16:41:37 GMT Violation: Running with Siege Kit Mode, can used Chain Rocket while moving.
  9. IGN: JarwoJr Race: Accretia Empire Chip War 1 : WIN Bellato "iMarley" CB Date|Time: January 19, 2019 | 6:25:28am