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  1. JendoL


    i agree for mace, and wand since armsman buff not getting used. the damage should be a like onyx knife but with additional effect.
  2. JendoL

    Isis USER abusing DEF rune?

    MAU can destroy with 2 destruction runes (tested before) so yeah kinda agree with you. summoner (pure or not) will run into enemy group and BAAM! not destruction rune but could kill at least 1-2 enemy without getting HP become 1 like using destruction rune, use all potion (def pot/atk pot/potato/coffee/chocolate) and can safely return IF no one use oblivion rune and/or restraint rune to that summoner (assuming all enemy down).
  3. JendoL


    waiting only PURE GRAZIER can have isis with high damage, other than that should get half damage of using isis XD
  4. JendoL


    wow really isis can tradeable?
  5. JendoL

    Max Hecate?

    test to tower or MAU they have consistent damage for max damage. after all, hecate usually for lock down, not doing damage.
  6. efek ekonomi bangsa melemah jadinya terpaksa pindah~
  7. JendoL

    Council ACC not online

    i wanna post this but thanks!
  8. JendoL


    tethering pake provider apa kk?
  9. soo what the conclusion here? which one got banned?
  10. it's very hard to do so. always have troublemaker when come to farming, not from loyal farmer acc, but hopper that have customers in every race.
  11. JendoL

    Slot Extender

    buy booster from GCP its way more better than in game
  12. JendoL

    Breaking MOU ign : Sweety80

    i hate someone if he/she dont follow the rules. am i wrong? if you see hate this count as hate remark i have other screenshot that i was killed when MOU should apply. but i dismiss that because it was died by destruction rune or AOE skill with bad positioning of course after dead, if not dead why i post it. if you see clearly no cora beyond UNCLE position. and if can see i have revive before do BuffMe and try positioning my self for another incoming cora
  13. JendoL

    Breaking MOU ign : Sweety80

    ready to bash MAU? sure why not. i really understand if desrune/AOE skill. really if only desrune/AOE skill wouldn't have to post or if my positioning near/in packs of cora. bash not AOE skill like preasure or multishot and cora still outside ZZ. just my point there, he/she should become good example for his/her race by playing with extra cautions.
  14. condition: -Cora win CW 11/02/20 at 20.00 GMT+7 -suspect is active race representative, should know the rules and give example to others
  15. GM please check this IGN if count as racist. thanks