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  1. o00o

    question lang

    Posted yesterday at 12:03 AM (edited) To be honest Mahal buy vp to. 1000 vp to php is 16k php wtf pang gamer pc ko na Yan o pang new cellphone ko na din. All item here farm able lang coz reduce drop rate sa sc eh. Meron kasi ng complain eh. Edited yesterday at 12:04 AM by 09485483149 yun nga medyu mahal mag donate kaya ng everyday voting hangang maka ipon ng sapat na vp sa acct
  2. o00o

    Reason For banned

    tsk² i've heard that one this players "has 4 DW"....well GL defending yourself from the said accusation.
  3. TBH....acc spec is so damn lethal if you know how to play with it and bout this damn blah³ complain its kinda annoying. just play the game and stop complaining.
  4. o00o

    Easy Way to Get Gold Capsule +30k

    and its the fastest way to farm race money and 30kgp wkwkwkwkwkwk
  5. o00o


    and that time i got almost killed by your fellow acc's tower so i step back..... then i see you. Like i said your hitting someone the bells side, hope you got my point
  6. o00o

    Introduce yourself

    Name: James Nick Game: o00o Race : Cora Address : PH Age : 24