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  1. Android17

    question lang

    directly PM @izzy for donation...
  2. Android17


    i dont know know why these people are confused... bells rangers can own our tankers..
  3. Android17


    FYI: we change Android17's class.. he is xclass now... all this happened when he was still a gunner..
  4. Android17


    yes that came into me also.... its a question not a complaint ok?? am i clear with this???
  5. Android17


    yes that is why im asking.. saw it with my 2 eyes i paly my spec SixtySix while Android17 was being handled by my pilot .. been waiting for Android17 to be CB so we can observe.. and we finally saw that early this morning..
  6. Android17


    really?? i play my spec.. SixtySix and ive watched how rangers 2 hitting Android17
  7. greetings GMs, would like to ask for your consideration... my char equipments 2 pcs +7 donate armors + S2 set + RL buff + GL buff + HR2 + CB buff... how is it possible that bells ranger with +6 afterneath 2 hitting me??? this a question its not a complaint... please answer this its kinda disturbing..im very concern about acc with less equipments than mine.. how can they pvp in this situation?? race hopping is not an answer to this..
  8. Android17

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    translate to english please
  9. Android17

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    @izzy this guy made you a song
  10. Android17

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    hmmmm.... bellato have so much dodge... and u have very little brain power....
  11. Android17


  12. Android17

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    to be very very fair with iReborn... he aint weak.. he just cant lead.. all acc are " weak" now. heres an example.. when i was rl... understand this..you dont need to be a genius in order for you not to get this... RL buff + CB buff + HR1 + GL buff + s2 set + +7 armors = food for rangers with +6 afterneat s1 amu a1 ring... am i a noob???? HELL NO!!! ive been playing with my char for almost 2 years now.. i know my char inside out.. before, skills are the defining factor in a pvp situation.. swtiching pots ammos boosters sk etc.. today its very diff.. the bright side is.. acc coped..they learn to play on what they have.. my oh my ..if admins decides to balance this server.. other race are in big big trouble.. this is not complaining .. we just talk about it when this issue comes out in the open.. for me this is not complaining.. its sharing of thoughts and opinions based on player's personal experiences.. i think gm/moderators/game dev owe us an explanation.. just to clear the air with this " situation ".. the least they can do is show us GAME CHANGE LOGS.. and please be very specific.. prob here is that everything is generalized.. rules, change logs.. etc.. no specific content..there this huge gray area on rules and regulations.. and my i also add.. LC ON SK = SUICIDE
  13. Android17

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    leaders being active.. ohhh it will come.. il tell you it will come.. they just cant do anything brother.. like me.. when i was race leader in accre... RL buff + GL buff + s2 set + +7 armors + HR2 = food to +6 rangers...how???? you tell me how???
  14. Android17

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    well said bro
  15. Android17

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    its ok bro .. dont be sorry for your english.. i can understand it and the most impt thing is thatyour post is full of CONTENT.. unlike those 2 turds.. funnyman and that number guy... bad english and out of topic.. they still have the nerve to make stupid comments...