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  1. Edz

    Reason For banned

    oh my, what is happening??
  2. Edz


    Go for force armors/ most people go for CA force items, +6 but some of my friends go for +7 dragon armors. Early game try to farm elven shield on flym 7 slots +7 them and always join benteng for the 50/50 elems if going def, someone went dodge and used ca (because ca armor got bonus dodge) depends on you, benteng elems are 50/50 for attack /def and 50/45 for attack dodge, for the game cp items get the attack def mantle then the s2 elems if def type and s1 elem if dodge type. For the weapon dragon weapons there is a event right now so better collect the booty items and exchange it to a staff. And always join war, if your race lose you will have the chance to kill hsk for the the 1hand elven staff. Just reply if you got more questions one thing more "farm farm farm and farm:"
  3. Edz

    Event Live Stream Facebook 27/05/2019

    ID: knives28
  4. this thing I cant understand even if Im trying with to see the calculation of the HP bonus of the dragon weapon w/c is 25% (.25) calculated without any armor or rings it gives me 25486 HP but the plain hp of my ranger is 21375 that should be x .25 (25%) should give me 26718.** im totally confused @[email protected] still trying to check out the right calculation in order to check the right hp for the S2 set
  5. you did not get the point LOL
  6. One of their reason and would be also my reason will be leveling specially when doing reborn, I did that on my acc warrior, switched WA armor to LC armor for faster atk speed, Same at my fleshed character I mostly bring staff with me so that I could debuff using force debuff or at atleast I could use basic force skill w/c cd is fast. But its another scenario, have you seen the 2 vids on those links that I have posted, play it side by side with the reported video. Sure I do hate acc spec Viral Inject + net + blind + mind control shit that cools down so fast. But I do care for the people that got their selves into trouble while doing nothing wrong even if they are my enemy. After all we are all part of this big RF extreme Family.
  7. thats my point, and the point of the video links I have posted, 2nd vid viral inject yep the atk speed is slower then the stun grenade, oh boy the dps is fast
  8. I mean, I have a acc but Im not using it anymore wkwkwkwkw, It feels good if someone gets banned for their wrong doings, but this case needs further investigation
  9. I only have acc, but I dont play acc anymore, for the sake of fairness what do you call this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXP36pQGjnQ You are free to scan Normix
  10. i tried playing the video side by side, the report vid and my spec attacking my warrior @[email protected] the are quite the same, to clarify everything I dont know this wtf(accused spec) just my opinion, the attack speed of the accretian GL is quite insane btw .. Link of my experiment with my spec, did tried the my spec just for this case https://youtu.be/vKoYJR4SpCI
  11. Fail = CTD/Crash to desktop Success = No crash hope this helps
  12. Edz

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    ID: knives28
  13. Issue resolved xD
  14. To the acc I managed to Kill inside The core this CW IM SORRY, i was carried away, and you are the ONLY acc I saw this cw2 Honest Mistake, someone Hit you then its too late for me to cancel the skill when I realized you are an ACC
  15. Edz


    I was there also, I tried to calm you down and Cassandra then hell broke lose. Tried pacifying people but against my effort, unpredictable things still happen.