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    ID: knives28
  2. Issue resolved xD
  3. To the acc I managed to Kill inside The core this CW IM SORRY, i was carried away, and you are the ONLY acc I saw this cw2 Honest Mistake, someone Hit you then its too late for me to cancel the skill when I realized you are an ACC
  4. Edz


    I was there also, I tried to calm you down and Cassandra then hell broke lose. Tried pacifying people but against my effort, unpredictable things still happen.
  5. Edz


    oh boy, why does he need to include the word "PINOY"
  6. Purple names are free to kill, RL's and councils just do special considerations most of the time because they want "more soldiers" on the field. So its not a violation.
  7. halostones, white boxes nadir, gold capsules lume
  8. For the relic weapons go for halostones 100% +7 for the dragon armors manual ups sadly for lvl 75 , create another account and level it to 70 towerist is the best one if you want to farm
  9. Edz

    Racist & Toxic

    Im no HIP HOP and Im not good in Flip Top, sorry, but still I'm a hundred percent Filipino and dont trashtalk, alot of my friends dont Look, there are rules, rules that are made to be followed whats the purpose of the RULES if your just gonna break them? its like a venue where it says no deadly weapon allowed and you will bring one and get caught and you will end up going to their forum saying "I brought A weapon because the security guard @ the venue got a weapon also". I will ask you something, do you find it enjoyable bashing others? its seems yes and that "yes" is already wrong and unhealthy for me.
  10. Edz

    Racist & Toxic

    someone got banned because of trashtalk including forbidden words correct? Nope, not at all, trashtaking is like telling the world that you have big balls that is made of steel because you killed them etc, but actually its the opposite in real life. For a good well mannered Filipino trashtalking is a big"NO" but for the ill Minded ones yep its normal
  11. Edz

    Need guild acc

    On point
  12. For gold capsules /tracker eye = Archer Lume For Vafer heads/White PVP boxes and +3 ores = Mau Nadir Dallant = Sette Turncoats lvl 47 max 50/50/50/45 elems = Join dimension PB raid, Benteng Pb Hunt and sometimes gm will spawn PB on hq Halo Stones = Small cage(less drop) but drops CRH for more drops go Elf land CRH + vafer heads + tracker eye = Check on event page here on forums "exchange event" t6 gems = farm calaina lvl 51 char max caliana with black swords Runes = Farm on Great curr at VC lvl 57 max also a bellato here ^_^
  13. Edz

    S-1 Elems?

    for the starters Combine those things that are given to you for free into the Legend ring sets the best thing you could do with the s2/a2 items is do what the others do 2 pcs s2 amulet and 2 pcs a2 rings
  14. Edz

    Changelog 21/04/2019

    race Money? create a level 47 max character farm at the turncoats on Sette desert or use your main character to farm Jewelry Cube Turncoats on Sette Desert Windy Cave, Thirst Cave, I forgot the other one drops caliana Diamond Necklace, it drops alot at level lower than 47, 99 pcs of those gives you 600-800million depending on the tax of your race. for gold Lume is the best deal or Elan PB
  15. Im not iFunnyman wkwkwkwk, as you can see I use the word "HE" and other post I use the word "HE" pertaining to iFunnyMan so that means to say I'm not iFunnyMan, and I am talking about his attitude not my attitude w/c I did never offended anyone with my words hehehe read closely bro