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  1. superzap

    Upgrades /Questions

    1. Yeah, u must manually upgraded for them, thats why u need to farm T6 so Much! 2. All color of +3 Ores can get from mining when your race win the CW
  2. superzap


    Deep condolence sir But i think GM won't care about this topic because its pure your fault to give your id to stranger and got hacked Better farm and build your equip again....
  3. superzap

    Easy Way to Get Gold Capsule +30k

    yeah its safe for all account. I think its still the fastest way until now hahah XD
  4. superzap

    Divine Mantle gone

    You can check a post on FB Group sir Someone combine DB like your friend, and the window pop up, when he choose and click ok, the divine mantle isn't there. And Izzy said it was a failure combine.
  5. superzap

    Easy Way to Get Gold Capsule +30k

    No, its no restriction to dual login and trade the 30k gp or Calliana necklace. Just do it sir
  6. superzap

    Divine Mantle gone

    You can check combine rate at the website sir. CMIIW
  7. superzap

    How to fix the image of Isis?

    Its Safe. Usually thats the way to repair some error in game. Just try it maybe it works :):)
  8. superzap

    How to fix the image of Isis?

    Maybe u can try delete rf_online.bin file and it will start auto patch??
  9. superzap

    Event Share Facebook FREE 20VP

    https://imgur.com/a/bwnb6gq Sorry sir izzy i dont know why i cant upload my SS in forum, so i use Picture Uploader from imgurl ID : superzap12 IGN : W8
  10. superzap

    I cant play this game on windows 8

    Maybe u can try disable your firewall?
  11. You can use Dragon Socket Extender to extend slots of Dragon and Onyx Weapon. You can get this item from gamecp, event, Benteng and Dimension PB For Council Armor, u can use Extreme Socket Relic. You can get this item from Opening Lucky Random Box PvP and Buying it from NPC Mid Sette with PVP CMIIW
  12. IGN : Clinks Race : Accretia Time : 30/01/2019 CW3 (Night CW) Many Cora Dead with him he not following MOU
  13. superzap

    Toxic Player?

    I Reminded him not to be mafia, but he said this to me Ign : Yuii Race : Cora
  14. Dec 29, 2018 in the morning war