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  1. ems30

    WTS > MP/GP = PHP (via Paypal)

    FYI Cora Race
  2. WANTS TO SELL METAL PLATE / GOLD PLATE = PHP (via paypal) Contact info FB: [email protected] Discord: Emz#9115
  3. ems30

    Event Share Facebook FREE 20VP

    ID: chelko3 IGN: EMZ
  4. ems30

    Server Maintenance

    I hope everything goes well.
  5. Hi All, 1.How to transfer or migrate your current race to other race? 2. Can you also change the Armor Force to Armor Warrior if you migrate including weapons and the Items in your inventory? thank you.
  6. ems30

    Contribution Points BUG

    I'm thinking not to get HMS and join the war, I just want to see if my Cpt will turn into 1 or 0 after the war. I'll try that tomorrow and if my cpt remains as is then meaning the bug is in the HMS.
  7. ems30

    Contribution Points BUG

    I always join the war however every night only. as you can see in the image I have HMS but still doesn't fix the issue. @Izzy please help to fix the issue, Thank you
  8. Hi Izzy, I would like to report my account which is having a problem with regards to CPT. Whenever CW (Chip War) ends my CPT it turns into 1 or 0 even though I already have CPT. I also joined the CW today with HMS (Holymental Scanner) and I should received atleast 1k cause we lost today. Kindly advised what do I need to do to fix this issue. Thank you. My ID: bocah3
  9. As you can see in the chat they were referring to Allah they have change the name into Alla so other won't notice it even the spelling of Muslim they have change it into Moslim. They have also said in the chat "Alla gusto mo ng baboy?" which means "Alla you want pork?" they have also included " Alla eat some pork " . We all know that pork is forbidden for Muslims because it says in the Holy Quran (from google). they are from ACC and they are teaming a player who is from Muslim religion. In my opinion for whatever reasons you have bad mouthing a religion is not acceptable. Thanks. IGN of Toxic and Chaos user players in ACC : SiTaw and SigareLyas08
  10. ems30

    Charity for Banten and Lampung

    Donation sent ID: bocah3
  11. ems30

    Charity for Banten and Lampung

    How to donate?? do we still have slot?. thanks.
  12. IGN: SirMeliodas Race: Bellato Date: 12/14/2018 Time: 10:08 PM (PH Time) Reason: This is the 3rd War and Bellato and Accretia are ally. SirMeliodas used DS while the Chip is still 49%. please see attached screenshot.
  13. ems30

    Greetings Christmas and New year EVENT

    Real name : Emmanuel Borra ID : remia14 ign : YoungSmokey Screenshot Post FB :
  14. ems30

    Introduce yourself

    Name: Emmanuel Nick Game: YoungSmokey Race: Cora Address: Philippines Age: 28