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  1. navel is acc too hahaha laf
  2. mysteique

    Reason For banned

    why some acc use cheat???
  3. mysteique

    Changelog 06/16/2019

    izzy please back to 9pm cw3 thnx
  4. that ifunnyman always report like other player said " if u dont beat them report them" useless support team of bells tsk what a shame ifunnyman
  5. wag kang tanga tol bug ung nsa hero ca armor
  6. mysteique


    after i kill this acc he said to me my father will die
  7. IGN: VaginalDischarge Race: Cora time: 14:37 cw2 1/31/2019
  8. mysteique

    need help

    guys why i cant enter the game?? after i log in and select server