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  1. thedemith


    WKWKWKWKWK btw who are u make an announcement if u want to quit playing? if u want to quit just quit ,dont bother to make this thread. unless youre very famous (in a GOOD way) or u already gave a big change for this server,are u? my little friend said bct kntl
  2. thedemith

    Ingin tahu alasan sebenar nya SEE di banned

    seriously char SEE got banned? WTH happen . wanna ask something, is kato using char SEE while doing THE CONSPIRACY THEORY ? any prove of it? if no means the admin/GM is abusing power to banned id without prove? are GM banned an id based on IP? this smell like personal problem nothing else
  3. thedemith

    help Gm

    memory editing hack is like BLINK , RANGE , try using SK as amulet , FLY and many more .
  4. thedemith

    Changelog 03/24/2020 (NEW FALLEN RECEIPT)

    base on your SS in FP facebook 1pcs Divine Booster +7 chaos + 40GP +10 FR + 2M race money = 1pcs Fallen Booster random slot cmiiw
  5. thedemith

    Changelog 03/24/2020 (NEW FALLEN RECEIPT)

    is this work for all type onyx weapon sir? since i dont know all kind of fallen weap. thanks
  6. thedemith

    Hack Tool: Player Tracking tool?

    are u drunk while making this thread? how long have u been playing RF Online? 30 min? 50 min? if u lack of knowledge about item in RF then ASK to friend or GOOGLE it, dont make stupid acuse just because of your lack of knowledge
  7. thedemith

    Custom Lightning Effect To Avoid Lagging

    do u need look or performance? even with my RX570 8GB vram i cant play with max effect. so choose wisely
  8. thedemith

    Custom Lightning Effect To Avoid Lagging

    please setting first at launcher setup that low texture resolution. and look at my character screenshot for the different
  9. thedemith

    Custom Lightning Effect To Avoid Lagging

    https://forum.rf-extreme.com/files/file/1-turn-off-light-effect/ download and replace
  10. thedemith

    LEGEND w/ Too much haters bye

    u got banned on february bro, why so bother to make this thread? try to find your IGN in forum thats a plenty EVIDENCE that u can find good byeeee toxic LEGEND
  11. thedemith

    selling account

    fair enough i think
  12. thedemith

    Anyone notice about this ?

    since his nick already change,its mean he is back online again? hmm hmm hmm
  13. thedemith

    selling account

    we all know pilot service is not bannable. the char can got banned IF the pilot do something which forbidden in server.
  14. thedemith

    selling account

    do u think its edited? What about chat that he talk about price and account detail, its edited too? bong bong