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  1. thedemith

    Breaking MOU ign : Sweety80

    as long as i know sweety80 already deal with 2 big problem right now , selling account indication and breaking MOU. we gonna find out whats next
  2. thedemith


    oh ini yg paketnya 100k dapet kuota 500mb ya? manstap gan
  3. thedemith

    Fallen Released (Combine Receipt)

    so the fallen booster dont have slot to upgrade with chaos talic? based on picture btw
  4. thedemith


    nope. GM said only create to obtain this item
  5. thedemith


    maybe you can pm GM via whatsapp or facebook bro and you must provide valid answer . cmiiw
  6. thedemith

    Changelog 29/01/2020

    fallen receipt will release at 2/2/2020 sir cmiiw
  7. thedemith

    Inana leveling Guide (the efficient way)

    yes he forgot sacrifice skill . i really need to see the demonstration vid xD mine already lvl 61 only got 0.01 per heal ,this is so sad
  8. thedemith

    Bingung Saya

    emang ada kepuasan batin bro cuma klo war numpuk kaya rengginang dijemur gimana ngancurinnya . blom 2 skill udh di fast shot see / kato lgsung abu" layar kwkwkwk
  9. thedemith

    Bingung Saya

    GREEN masih ada kok pak,cuma ya ga mungkin 1 orang membuat perubahan signifikan di era jaman now. Moons family orang lama yg gnti nick jadi baru cmiiw. saya sih ga ngerasain jaman hars pak,soalnya sempet vakum semenjak terakhir jaman RV dan ini baru mulai main. dan pas main ngeliat player B ruame sekali dan RLnya damage no cure gitu wkwk. intinya beda jauh banget sebelum jaman onyx + DR + FALLEN menyerang server ini. saya player dri awal nempa Dragon masih susah +7, saya mungkin segelintir orang beruntung di cora yg udh pegang staff dragon +7. setelah server start making money,we the free player got nerf lol regard BangCocoPandan
  10. thedemith

    Bingung Saya

    iya sih pak. maka dari itu klo orang mau donate pasti nyari race rame dong bner ga? apa mau dia udh bela"in spend money segitu tapi terbuly? i dont think so hehe saya mage yang teraniaya pak wkwk salam BCP im from,and still in cora since i play this server yes it get worse day by day,its only interesting in CW3,the population still imbalance but us(C) can fight back just in a moment lol
  11. thedemith

    Bingung Saya

    easy to say for u bro. reply point 1 : race which can easily farm ? (this is retorical bro) .point 2 : meaningful stuff? farming,reborn etc <~ thats for race B bro, not for A or C. i just saying cause youre saying when youre in winning race. just take a look on other race hq,is anyone chat or online? just to make sure I want commenting about event buy DR set and Onyx, if all the buyer is from race B, then the GM should consider this,what if other race has 0 population growth bcause of this?i mean thebuyer of this event looking for pvp with many friend in game(this is race B i think),i think they dont want to play with DR set and onyx but always get slaughter in any map because dont have many friend to party. how about other race? yes this server also need donatur to make sure the server run smoothly for international connection,but this server also have regular player who might not have more money to spend but loyal user which still play in 0 population growth to war or pvp. this is just my opinion,im sorry my english is bad, i cant write what i and my friend think about this imbalance now
  12. thedemith

    Bingung Saya

    saya jual popcorn pak biar enak nontonnya xD
  13. thedemith

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    OOT nih pak, yg Jepri ketawa lucunya dimana?
  14. thedemith


    acc launcher the best lol