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  1. gianodintch

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    just another out of topic comment.. not even a word related to the discussion lol
  2. gianodintch

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    Well most of us especially in ACC (we had our own discussion groups) so shocked just right after this happened to RaizoR. Like what the hell?? We dont want to say that fully depends on RaizoR or anything like that. But, well even me personally really like the way he motivates, helps, teaches fellow Accretians old and new players no differences (im the old one, and he personally ask me to try be active again for Accretia). RaizoR already became the ROLE MODEL for Accretia, beside this "incident" okay. If I can, We all accretia can beg and hope that it wont be a permanent banned, lets say any another sort of punishment. Give him another chances, very very last chances.. I am sure it will bring a lot of differences in the future especially for Accretia. And again we knew the rules, and always try to stick with it and respect it. Thanks GMs and Admins, kindly consider this incident Good Game Well Played Mithocondria Inside \m/ #ReleaseRaizoR
  3. I have played since 2017 and this things already happened couple times. One of the highest CPT player in Accretia auto registered by system and got RL. In the end this was not His/Her intention to be registered even voted and turned to be Council any Spots or RL. Just go with it, even non councils can arrange and gather other players like in PVP and WAR. It's about trusting your fellow race and teamwork. How to cover the minus with inactive Councils or RL. Come on la it didnt happened once or twice in any races, enjoy the PVP and farm whichever anyone prefer, simple logic right? Cheers \m/