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  1. FadeAway


    1. One Handed Grenade Launcher (If Possible) Once they bring this one, i'm definitely return to play in an instant...
  2. FadeAway

    Def or Avoid??

    take a look at basic skill that your class have, at the medium sets you got an avoidance buff which is quite integral part of survival...so most of the ranger (if not) using an avoidance playstyle. Unless you're crazy rich where you can afford both defense and avoidance simultaneously then its good, some situations DO require ranger to be defensive than avoidance...
  3. FadeAway


    finally someone already snap out of it for this case? i've been wondering about this cross jobbing class unfair advantage ever since the late 2018 and people somehow still manage to get "cheated" by an cross jobbing class for so long up until today, another funny thing is that their cross jobbing class mostly outshined the pure build classes in game LMAO ...but then again i'm happy that people finally snap out of it and the Admins himself already take an action about this...
  4. FadeAway


    Was it? i'm no longer playing the game, so i don't know if that was the case...
  5. FadeAway


    Disable Teleport Potion 5 menit? Masih ada Call Potion, antara sadar dan tidak sadar ini playernya masih ada Call Potion... Lebih baik : 1. Disable Teleport Potion & Call Potion (5 Min Delay Policy) | Enable Ressurection Potion (5 Min Delay Policy) atau 2. Enable Teleport Potion & Call Potion (5 Min Delay Policy) | Disable Ressurection Potion (5 Min Delay Policy) Dengan ini specialist class jadi berasa ada gunanya (terutama Ressurecter), walaupun kemungkinan bakal diparkir sebagai double log in in game...
  6. FadeAway


    Kacang gan, kacang kacang....tau kacang? Di read doank ini thread , ane reply dah biar ga kacang
  7. Welcome to my first ever thread in this forum, let's not waste anymore time ~ The topics would be divided on 3 section ~ 1. First of all i need a clear clarification about combining rate of Onyx Weapon (in number) where it actually giving the number clarification as "PLEASE CAREFULLY THE COMBINE CHANCE ONLY 50% SUCCESS AND GET +0 WITH RANDOM SLOTS !!" as it said in the tabs/pics below : Yes it does said that the combining rate is about 50% or so, yet most of the times i saw people pushing their luck to get this weapon is often to end up getting a very harsh result. The item that got destroyed is often the precious one such as the Gold Plate & +7 Dragon Weapon itself as this video suggest by DiocampoJ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRt6UU_zcOY&feature=youtu.be . At least spare one of them is quite a good move though, i even saw my brother attempt to do the same and end up losing the same items and a failed result. 2. Secondly, this said number clarification of Dragon Weapon (which is there's none of the 50% chance being said) combining as we see in the tabs/pics below : For this one tabs (you'll find the dragon weapon requirements if you're keep scrolling down there in the actual website) i believe there's no such thing such as "50% chance of succeeding in combining Dragon Weapon" since i can't find any official statement that saying the combining rate is exactly 50% chance, or maybe you can link me some official statement regarding to this 50% chance of Dragon's. And yes, most of the times people find themselves complaining that the dragon's combining rate isn't the exact same as the so called "50% chance". I don't really know who is the first person that spreading the rumours about dragon's rate in 50% chance of succeeding in the first place, since i never heard/read any official statement about it so i never really trust these unnofficial statement made by the player itself. And i guess it's time for the player to realize that Dragon Weapon combining is actually never in a 50% of succeeding rate, and yes i already read here and there about player either being smug or feeling lucky about how they never failed or combining and succeeding in all of their attempt by only combining the "bla bla bla" number of weapons (yeah i get it kiddo, your pure luck and never failed is awesome and all). 3. Thirdly, what's the so called difference between this 50% chance of "Onyx Weapon vs 50% chance of "Item Combine Rare" tabs? as it shown in the pics below : Look, there's definitely a hard feat to achieve in order to combine the items on this tabs (most notably the Ring (S-1/S-2) sets/DarkRay sets). As for the Divine Booster combination? I find myself having an easy time in combining those thing, i have about 4 Accreatians, 4 Corites & 4 Bellateans and all of them is packed with the menacing Divine Booster (bar the 2 Bellateans though). In total i have about 13 or 14 Divine Booster (i kinda forgot), and i swore that none of it actually failed i repeat it again that none of it actually failed. I could provide some of the pics as we seen below : Accreatians Corites Bellateans *Notes : Not trying to be a smug, but as an actual example of how it should actually work as an 50% chance of succeeding really is. I could go for more pics, but for now i guess the sample of those pics should be enough. Still on number 3 topics, i fully aware that combining the ring sets and dark ray sets is a hard feat to achieve as well...but as for now that part is not really my concern (as far as my attempt that combining the ring and dark ray should have a higher chance of succeeding than combining an onyx weapon, albeit not that far behind from the onyx weapon). So here's my two cents of these "50% chance of succeeding" : 1. 50% Chance of succeeding is present on every ID/Char there is, with an actual 50% chance rate for each ID/Char then i believe quite a couple of people would packed with onyx/ring sets as for right now. 2. 50% Chance of succeeding is equally divided on every race to every single ID/Char there is, then i'm not surprised that most people will fail on their attempt to combine their onyx/ring sets (which i'm nervously believe this to be the case) 3. It's actually never go as far as 50% chance? Maybe yes, maybe not...(again i nervously believe this to be the case as well) That's it from me for now, i would feel honored if @Izzy himself would give an official statement about the 50% chance of succeeding regarding on every item in this topics. And yes, i need a the answer in a number or at least the logical explanation of this question. As for the "YOU'RE NOT LUCKY/IT'S ABOUT LUCK" answer, yeah i don't think that answer my question. Thank You - Dolan
  8. Gua selama maen dimanapun ga perduli mau punya onyx atau kaga selama gua enjoy ya gua maen gan, ya kalo agan sudah merasa bangsa berasa terpuruk sedikit terus merasa dicurangi ya berarti mental agan kurang diasah lagi gan (digosok kalo perlu). Padahal kan ya bellato sudah berjaya berapa bulan itu gua sampe lupa, baru kali ini mulai mundur dikit (sejak nerf) dan mulai cari konspirasi sana sini. Kalo mau cari konspirasi sana sini mah banyak, tapi ya karena ane bukan player hardcore (yang jilat sana sini supaya bisa deket ke pemain inti "aka" donatur dll terus cari kelengahan merka buat bikin konspirasii) ya makanya maen sekedar maen doank. Tapi ya mengamati keadaan cuma sekilas doank...
  9. Inti topik = resah dengan manipulasi voting dewan? Beberapa waktu yang lalu sewaktu A & C terpuruk kalo ga percaya masih ada yang manipulasi vote dewan, sayangnya ga ada yang lapor gitu aja sih. Nicknamenya aja asing banget tapi tingkat persentasi votingnya bisa ngincer suatu posisi dewan....(buat yang main di A & C pasti tau lah beberapa nickname asing yang ada di daftar regist dewan sewaktu bangsanya terpuruk). Atau mungkin ini suatu kebetulan mau membuat konspirasi kepada RL ACC or RL CORA....
  10. FadeAway

    Onyx Creation attempt (with video)

    "50% Chance of Succeeding" I'm not falling for that anymore, i'll just keep my dragon weapon for now i guess... But then again, from what i noticed should it failed it'll always destroy the +7 Weapon & the Gold Plate as well? Even my little brother and other person i notice in the forum and or in game, they always said that the destroyed items would be the +7 Weapon & the Gold Plate (why is this?). Kinda harsh...at least spare on of the two i guess... Nice attempt you make there, quality content @DiocampoJ....
  11. 2-3 hits as a pure mage or as a summoner? that's the thing in my opinion, when employed as a pure mage there's a high probability that you could do about 4-5 hits and kill them as long as the enemy is not on the full defense. As a summoner there's maybe up to 5 to 7 hits to kill them, maybe could go only with 3 to 4 hits with ISIS deployed though... *excluding the active force attack from the Staff itself (depends on how many force attack is active on each attack), they could die more faster in about 3 to 4 hits (as a pure mage) and about 4 to 5 hits (as a summoner, excluding ISIS).
  12. FadeAway

    Dragon 20 Pcs?. NO +7 xD

    Those are very painful to watch, i had to skip the video to the last minute instead...i don't understand the upgrading rate around here...
  13. FadeAway

    No more END-GEAR dodge

    From what i observed is that most of the bellato ranger (avoid) always have some +7 mercy boots in case of doing a "rambo" attack or "defensive" mode combined with S & A/ S & S grade of elemental, once they get their hands on the pistol they become semi-invincible during raid. Only a few players with high end gear is able to hit this kind of bellato, save the loss from ISIS or any AoE from mage (or any payable content with additional stats I.E. Premium Cafe Card). The 4 set effect from the CA is already providing bellato with additional dodge, so instead of going for the last set (which is i believe rarely achieved by dodgers) they go for a +7 mercy boots for additional dodge point, which is the most ranger populations of bellato there is. But now there's a little bit a ray of hope for non mage users to hit these bellato, they no longer need to use the aiming booster just to touch those bellato. Provided they got a high end gear (S1/S2 combined with A1/A2 or S1/S2 sets) and such (im not gonna list the item one by one, but you already get the point), low to mid end geared player still struggling to hit these bellato. Earlier these 3rd war i'm even surprised that my brother said he's still missed when trynna to hit maximum avoid player of bellato, he got a S2 set of elems with +6 CA sets and full accuracy buff & charger/potion. Means that they're still semi-invincible, but not as invincible as back then there is...
  14. FadeAway

    MAU blue lightining effect

    that's \/\/hat happened \/\/hen a custom skin is applied on this server, some MAU's indeed having some "amazing" (not in a good \/\/ay) effect on a lo\/\/ end PC's like me...
  15. Hard question, unless \/\/e're playing in official server there's no chance to acquire such a elementals. Since the drop in this server is customized (\/\/ith it's drop as \/\/ell) and prerequisite booties for those super elementals is fixed by default in a default drop from certain place/mobs/PB's that only available in official servers...but still those elems \/\/ill not do any good in this server...