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  1. cros14t

    No more END-GEAR dodge

    From what i observed is that most of the bellato ranger (avoid) always have some +7 mercy boots in case of doing a "rambo" attack or "defensive" mode combined with S & A/ S & S grade of elemental, once they get their hands on the pistol they become semi-invincible during raid. Only a few players with high end gear is able to hit this kind of bellato, save the loss from ISIS or any AoE from mage (or any payable content with additional stats I.E. Premium Cafe Card). The 4 set effect from the CA is already providing bellato with additional dodge, so instead of going for the last set (which is i believe rarely achieved by dodgers) they go for a +7 mercy boots for additional dodge point, which is the most ranger populations of bellato there is. But now there's a little bit a ray of hope for non mage users to hit these bellato, they no longer need to use the aiming booster just to touch those bellato. Provided they got a high end gear (S1/S2 combined with A1/A2 or S1/S2 sets) and such (im not gonna list the item one by one, but you already get the point), low to mid end geared player still struggling to hit these bellato. Earlier these 3rd war i'm even surprised that my brother said he's still missed when trynna to hit maximum avoid player of bellato, he got a S2 set of elems with +6 CA sets and full accuracy buff & charger/potion. Means that they're still semi-invincible, but not as invincible as back then there is...
  2. cros14t

    BCC account to ACC account

    Early sign of Bellato "migrating" to the other race :( I need to see their councilors comment about this :)
  3. cros14t

    CrossJobs in Bells

    Ranger (Base Class) > Shield Miller (Adv. Class) Advantage : - More Health That's pretty much it, and yes of course you can \/\/ield both long and close ranged \/\/eapon simultaneously (regardless base class you chose on to cross the jobs)
  4. cros14t

    MAU blue lightining effect

    that's \/\/hat happened \/\/hen a custom skin is applied on this server, some MAU's indeed having some "amazing" (not in a good \/\/ay) effect on a lo\/\/ end PC's like me...
  5. Hard question, unless \/\/e're playing in official server there's no chance to acquire such a elementals. Since the drop in this server is customized (\/\/ith it's drop as \/\/ell) and prerequisite booties for those super elementals is fixed by default in a default drop from certain place/mobs/PB's that only available in official servers...but still those elems \/\/ill not do any good in this server...
  6. cros14t

    Greetings Christmas and New year EVENT

    - Real Name : Neva - ID : cros14t - IGN : xSoulHEARTx - Screenshot :