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    Hi RomiRM, Guess your post is wrong place as do as your previous report. Since this place is for Sharing your Moment means giving some picture or video moment of your joy or other else. Guess you should remove this thread and move to other place that are more suitable for your thread. Hopefully this help.
  2. Learn from this matters: Do not share your account to others. Pilots that are using the owner's account make trouble would impact to the real owner. Not all pilot would take responsibility for what they done. If your character have bad reputation/blacklist better keep it for your sake. So you will responsible for your done, not the pilot done. If your pilot have bad reputation/blacklist better stay away to be played by them, cause if the report have strong prove that is the one who played your account and do something bad = you are in trouble. Do not tried to do bad things to other race for only certain sake. Politics and cheating for vote are similar in act but different meaning. Politics = Try to use campaign with positive ways (chat all why he good/ why should i vote him) Cheating for vote = "Don't ask why, just help to vote him and we will ruin the hierarchy of the left board" (Example). Mostly those point no.2.3 will delivered as "Politics" in RF. Its true that it happens in other RF, but doesn't mean its right because of its common. If the player have strong proof to be report. Then it still against the law. Try avoiding any groups that could impact your own thought. Group for fun its good, have a good relation between others. Do not let other people in the group impact your own thought (Example) "giving an account because you feel that person is good to you". See the point no 1. Hope this find you guys well. If its really happen to those character. Feels bad for them but warn gives twice already by the admin thought.