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  1. ANicma


    Hi RomiRM, Guess your post is wrong place as do as your previous report. Since this place is for Sharing your Moment means giving some picture or video moment of your joy or other else. Guess you should remove this thread and move to other place that are more suitable for your thread. Hopefully this help.
  2. Learn from this matters: Do not share your account to others. Pilots that are using the owner's account make trouble would impact to the real owner. Not all pilot would take responsibility for what they done. If your character have bad reputation/blacklist better keep it for your sake. So you will responsible for your done, not the pilot done. If your pilot have bad reputation/blacklist better stay away to be played by them, cause if the report have strong prove that is the one who played your account and do something bad = you are in trouble. Do not tried to do bad things to other race for only certain sake. Politics and cheating for vote are similar in act but different meaning. Politics = Try to use campaign with positive ways (chat all why he good/ why should i vote him) Cheating for vote = "Don't ask why, just help to vote him and we will ruin the hierarchy of the left board" (Example). Mostly those point no.2.3 will delivered as "Politics" in RF. Its true that it happens in other RF, but doesn't mean its right because of its common. If the player have strong proof to be report. Then it still against the law. Try avoiding any groups that could impact your own thought. Group for fun its good, have a good relation between others. Do not let other people in the group impact your own thought (Example) "giving an account because you feel that person is good to you". See the point no 1. Hope this find you guys well. If its really happen to those character. Feels bad for them but warn gives twice already by the admin thought.
  3. ANicma

    Izzy Out of Services

    Due to the Internet Problem at Izzy Region for maximum 3x24 hours, Services such as Respond and Top Up aren't available during this period. Thank you for the understanding about this situation. *This Information are given by the owner it self. This tread will delete automatically by the owner after his back.
  4. ANicma

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    This is interesting quote... Lemme know if every acc and cora are quit because this o.O. Bells are the only race would it be fun? I don't know what you guys are thinking. But as a over pop need to balance the farming spot either. I know you need to help the newbie, but too much over taking make other race can't grow. I don't know if you like that but trust me, that will killing the "fun" of the game. This problem were can be done with their own leaders. Most of leader when they have numbers want to show "How great their own race" by taking all the spot, and let other race die. This is the what means "fun"? Make your own race is the best while making your enemy is weaken and almost banishing other race population and say them to quit or moving to your race? When that weaken race is back and become the most pop. They will "Revenge" this. All do the same like you did to them. This loop can't be stopped unless the leader (Race leader + councils) care about the balancing with other race. I saw some other server within the original one, all their leader could say and something share the farming spot things to help the weaken race grow and to maintain the "revenge" thing. Cause they know if they keep over taking as over pop race makes no fun at all. Cause for general knowledge at RF too keep "Balance" for population at all race is everything for RF playing. Too much pop make you bored, less pop make you bored either. If everything goes "balance". It would be fun.
  5. ANicma

    Spec bug siege speed hit IGN Meep

    I'm not siding with any people, but i just want to informed that if you try to make ACC: You can use launcher even you are not launcher class. The launcher PT for all class acc is GM. I'm often bring any siege + launcher even i'm a ranger or spec or warrior for DPS chip or PB. Cause it faster for DPS using siege kit rather to spam skill for PB or Chip, and you can leave that char afk for DPS. See i'll post some picture here, you can see there is my class and my PT skill, and you will see behind the status, my Character is wielding Launcher with SK mode. Its not bugged. Its the standard from the CCR. Its just same like Cora and Bellato, you are warrior or ranger, but you can use any kind of staff. Unless the Admin want to change it if needed.
  6. ANicma


    I'm not GM, or staff, or admin forum neither facebook and fan pages. I have no GM account that have rights for ban people. Why you say to me like i'm the one who banned? I can say this because you was quoting my write. And see at the quote with "Bold" statement that i just bold it. Another Threat.
  7. ANicma


    wooo... calm bro... why you threatening the server? Using threaten just make it worse. ANCORT got temporary banned. Not Perm Banned, since he just being investigate.
  8. ANicma

    Selling rmt

    RMT on Items Allowed. Trade ID would be caused on Banned *because some of transaction need money either to trade Selling ID would caused Banned in any reason
  9. ANicma

    FREE 20VP

    Ign: Sherin https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y5NTVGyahyhL0B4KkaSa26ozjzgz2OpR/view?usp=sharing
  10. Lesson Learned: 1) You can't trust anyone, even you are really close with your friend in game. But never meet in real life don't trust them. Maybe that group is full of your closest friend or your guild mate, but who knows. Some people didn't care about report and some of them are happy to see someone suffer. 2) You can trust your friend that are really close at real life and in game too. Well, people can changed but at least you know who is he/she, where they are and their common attitude.
  11. ANicma

    The ALLIANCE continues ^_^

    I wont say anything and i didn't side to any race. Just see at this pic that are currently SS at 12 Mar 2019 (5.10 PM Ind / 6.10 PM ph). This proof all from current time. Decide by your all own then. "Heh dude... face the truth. Cora has large numbers than bellato and acc, that's why we created alliance." *Note: I think you need to learn about writing word at forum. This is open discussion, and i see some of your inappropriate word were applied.
  12. ANicma

    Annuncement March

    For me basically, I will speak with the common of "Ally" matter's definition "Ally" matter for the low pop and mid pop that can't handle the over population. That's how it works in my time when i was Race Leader. Don't care what race is it, but if we need help for our own race population so can fight with the over pop. Then it's fun rather being bullied. For the more detail of example of the "Ally" things that are in my time before Total Population (example) = 800, Acc = 250, Bels = 450, Cora = 100. At that time, one race population are nearly or over than 50%. Also in game both race can't handle it. Therefore as Race Leader who want to keep stable for the both race, we need to ally first until the population are equal each race. But at that time, we never ally when times come at war. Even we (Acc and Cora) are allied before, when one of us are win the war (Acc/Cora win war) the other that are lose are helping the over pop race (Bels) for killing HSK. The most that ally matter's do is "Priority the over race, then PvP when there's no over race". After the race population are stabilize = No More Ally cause it's already fun for PvP. I see now the population are quite same, Neither Accretian, Bellato, and Cora are having they own population stabilize. So by the word "Ally" that i explain above, there's no need to be ally since not like at my time when (Example) above. Now i will speak for the definition of fight each other at certain time called as "War" at Crag Mine. Let me Explain : 1) War is one of the most important. Therefore Admin are making MOU for most of the war. *I believe if you find this "War" explanation, there will be at "Question and Answer" Cause someone asked at forum already. 2) War time is just not until the Chip goes down, Chip goes down = Define which race is win and get a "Bonus" buff that we called as "Chip Breaker Buff" for the whole member of a guild that have person that Last Hit Chip and "Hero Roar" buff for the whole race member that are hit the chip. 3) War must till go'on till the HSK down, HSK down = No Race Buff (Hero Roar, Scar of Defeat, Stigma of the Grace). The purpose to kill HSK so there's no race that have many people to fight with more power with that buff and make the PvP more fun. 4) Therefore the lose race that are lose the war should be ally for killing HSK. Not to skip it. Cause its still at war time. Lately, i will speak as Cora race What I saw this thing was happened. The main problem based on the story that my friend at ACC and Bellato talk at same way. When The RL was "LTD" next generation after me and "xRavaeL". Cora changed, Most of Cora player are full of arrogant player. The both race are angry because when Cora are up in LTD generation, after Cora kill other race they mock him like "Cupu / Noob" things and it trash talk to say. Then the RL of Accretia and RL of Bellato are making agreement for ally at certain maps. To make Cora suffer for what they did. Even i try to prove it by making character at accretian or bellato. at LTD time i will acknowledge yes. Some of cora player are arrogant and kill me + mocking me even i do nothing. The problem still goes on until now + there's some guild problems that i know either at bels, so RL Acc and RL Bellato ally even the population are stabilize. But unfortunately the ally matter between them its too dominate. Now most cora are bored with those ally, some of cora often say "Wedding race" or worse like that. Now don't know how, Bellato have many people and skip war if ACC win. It happened more than once or twice. So i precautions this matter its no longer against Breaking MOU. It's already more over to Conspiration in my say. Bellato cannot control their own ally at other maps.
  13. ANicma

    Annuncement March

    May i know what this sentence mean? So boards of bels and cora should answer the problem in this thread?
  14. ANicma


    Stealing and Sharing are different. Need to learn that more. IGN: [R][K][O] have no the rights for chaos if he didn't attend and/or chaos for bad purposes neither council or non council. He's council and he have duty to do, all council duty is to keep the race are maintained and sharing also make peace for the race. Not just council, non council as well are trying to get the race being the good race with peace for them. My suggest, stop posting and reporting because of personal problem without any strong proof if he / she guilt. Try to think before doing, don't report because just hating person. For me, reporting without strong proof or just personal problem just make your self shammed.
  15. Goodluck for the report, hope GM punish this