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  1. Xzieeee


    3 weeks ago, android is consul. x2. And last week, andro is support.
  2. Xzieeee


    Fk? You serious ? First of all, i am using andro last cw3. And i kept on pvping while having command through chatting. I cant even pvp well. Cuz everytime i spam chat and command what race to attack. And it turns out, what patrolling you mean? Patrolling? Oh. Patrolling in bcc port. Waiting for players to tp while having sk there and rb is on your side. You are insulting me.
  3. Lol. Why hide those names? And your nickname? Afraid to show yourself in game?pathetic.
  4. Xzieeee


    Buti na lang, di yan dummy account si ceira. Di kagaya nung isa sa acc. Lalabas lang pag voting time
  5. Xzieeee


    Is this post a joke? Even acc has a player who register everyweek. Always get the spot for deff and support. But never online. He is online every register period to destroy acc Left council. But we didn't report nor make thread on this. Fellow acc, you who is that char. Please upgrade your ment
  6. Xzieeee

    Invi Hitting Max Range

    Autolock or number lock is very common especially when you are a council. Back when I was playing andro, even I am invisible, kidkat and other bells who tsrgeted me with autolock, automatically casts while iinvi and i get near to their range. Based on that video, you were dc adter you died. Therefore he hit you using stealth cape and no divine booster was switched
  7. Xzieeee

    CB trap kill

    Waw. Justice was served in your own ways. Anyway. You had fun with that. Good for you. No cb buff for miranda. Wakakakakaa -Breezy
  8. Xzieeee

    CB trap kill

    First time? Wkwkwkwk
  9. Xzieeee

    cursing all Cora with F.U

    I usually fought GreenCross in nadir. Sometimes in lume. Yah. He indeed a keyboard warrior trashtalking whenever they got kills. You know why? Cuz he has a companion. lol! Always bringing healer. But on the other hand, when we had 1on1 in lume. For goodness sake. Only 1combo.
  10. Breaking mou. it is obvious councils spam 37% and this guy... hope to take action on this
  11. Xzieeee

    Where is ACC ?

    +isis. 2 dps per log in. Bells can afk mau and dps while their main player def their chip. And moreover. acc can dual log too gunner too. But with only 1ds=gg hitter. Compared to mau. Need 3nukes. Lolol. Thats why
  12. Xzieeee

    Where is ACC ?

    Other race too OP, acc community raised this concern. But no response. Tendency acc community falls. Other moved other race. Others, simply quit.
  13. Xzieeee

    Breaking MAU

    Which mau he broke? You are cora. You dont have mau.
  14. Xzieeee

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    You should sell your brain dude. Replace it with memory card. So does your heart. Replace it with battery. Cant keep up with good rationalization.