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  1. Xzieeee


    why this man always posting about android and some wolves guild? ofcourse you always get pked. cuz you only showed up when acc farms nadir. that proves you're a hopper.
  2. Xzieeee

    Racist Player

    this is racism. calling the N word are already form of racism.
  3. it is clearly visible still 21%. bellato started to DS us even councils are doing it. (you can see it in the SS). Also, Trypticon said in all chat still not 20 and SS those who broke. All of the acc was able to see what they did last cw3. -Breezy
  4. Xzieeee


    this guy kept on debuffing us on SZ. And also, challenging GM to ban him 1 day. please ban this toxic player. see thread below
  5. Xzieeee

    Changelog 29/01/2020

    wtf luqman.
  6. Xzieeee

    Changelog 29/01/2020

    Soecs in acc can play pvp now
  7. It's clear that i am dpsing in acc side, suddenly, he hit me with his isis on purpose.
  8. Xzieeee

    Bingung Saya

    im tired translating this to english every thread. next time , please make an english thread please. so, we overseas players can easily understand.
  9. Xzieeee

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    Obviously youre not from the acc race. Easy for you to say.
  10. Xzieeee


    up for this! bells and cora already have staff. Acc should have onyx GL too. so that more acc will play specs. Most of the specs in acc are only farmers since they dont have onyx.
  11. Xzieeee

    Changelog 17/12/2019

    Lol pointless. We will sacrifice our divine mantle with aiming, critpots 25 with accujust to hit ranger bells. Then you still complain.
  12. Xzieeee

    Changelog 06/19/2019

    I see. I just miscalculated the time spawn. Lol kwkwkw
  13. Xzieeee

    Changelog 06/19/2019

    is this still working?
  14. Xzieeee

    Im Concern about my Race (Cora)

    in my 2years of this server, I can only say there is only 1 best RL in cora. xRavaeL. but sadly, he went to graveyard. just apocalypse did. CORA's are strong. They have my respect. Hope CORA will rise in the future, Hars, LTD, Sherin, and otherhigh ranking officers in CORA hopeto play again 24/7