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  1. Breaking mou. it is obvious councils spam 37% and this guy... hope to take action on this
  2. Xzieeee

    Where is ACC ?

    +isis. 2 dps per log in. Bells can afk mau and dps while their main player def their chip. And moreover. acc can dual log too gunner too. But with only 1ds=gg hitter. Compared to mau. Need 3nukes. Lolol. Thats why
  3. Xzieeee

    Where is ACC ?

    Other race too OP, acc community raised this concern. But no response. Tendency acc community falls. Other moved other race. Others, simply quit.
  4. Xzieeee

    Breaking MAU

    Which mau he broke? You are cora. You dont have mau.
  5. Xzieeee

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    You should sell your brain dude. Replace it with memory card. So does your heart. Replace it with battery. Cant keep up with good rationalization.
  6. Xzieeee


    Weakling. Show yourself dont hide your name. Gm wont entertain edited pic.
  7. Xzieeee

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    Thats what happened way back 2017 when acc have straight 3months HR. Gm posted in website "bellato needs you" and that where it began the downfall of acc. A lots of changes was made after that. Thats even SUPER OP WHEN THAT EFFECT AFTERNEATH 200% ignore block rate. No ACC wr can tank that. Thats why a lot player move to bells especially cuz of that weapon effect
  8. Xzieeee

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    We noticed this long time ago. We just kept it by ourselves
  9. Xzieeee

    Bellato's Bandwagon community

    Did you really think this idea before you comment? I bet no. I am playing this rf for almost 2yrs and acc was a great empire before it was nerfed and nerfed and nerfed. First nerfed was the accuracy of the lc. And then their dodge. Lastly their def. thats why way back 2018 a lot of avoid lc went to def cause acc already have no dodge. Another thing is on acc WR. Really? WARRIORS WITH FULL EQUIP ARMORS AND S2-A2 set elems only 45k hp? With absinth or dragon. Last hp I observed it was about 52k. Moreover. The deff of acc. It was also nerfed in my opinion. Now, 1pure tank acc cannot tank 4towers maximum. In addition. I dont question the buffs of other race. Its just what make them OP is the effect of afterneath 35avoid. A pure tank cannot hit that anymore compared last time. BUT +7 boots lc with pure avoid 443 can be easily hit by bellato with 320accu. When bells have 466avoid cannot be hit by lc with 420accu? Srsly. Thats why acc falls with continous adjustment
  10. Xzieeee

    RMT ACCOUNT ! IGN Tachi !

    Rip tachi
  11. Xzieeee

    Chaos Abuser in HQ [Lowbie Killer]

    Are you freakin kidding me? Based on your word LEVEL 20 ONLY. So you mean. Only lvl 20? Not lvl 1-20? Hahaahah you're the funny here. Same as funnyman
  12. Xzieeee

    Advice on relic weapon

    You can buy aldebaran 7slot in npc weapon relic near hq port. It costs 500 pvp points i guess. Correct me if im wrong.
  13. Xzieeee

    Reason For banned

    Aw. That sucks. That is a pure violation of server. Condolence Rizkoa. -KAlDO. Thanks for the translation gm
  14. Xzieeee

    Reason For banned

    Can some one translate their conversation please. I would like to know what they sre talking. Theyre good friend of mine in game. Sad.
  15. Xzieeee


    The return of the comeback