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  1. FOR THE 3rd TIME? go see a doctor mate maybe your brain have damage? specifically on your cerebrum lmao. What a toxic player!
  2. TWICE? REALLY? ARE U KIDDING ME? dude, get off on this server. Please sir @izzy. You want this in your server, this toxic player? come on.
  3. During CW2, again another idiot from ACC killed me, their Race Leader has no control of there people which slowly dpsing us ( BELLS ), and we did not try to hit them. Come on, really? tsk. Control your actions lmao.
  4. During CW2, the war was already started and this guy killed me for no reason at all. I don't know with him. Maybe he is just stupid to kill which it makes breaking the MOU. Fight for equality!.
  5. Sire12

    Got 1 hit by Mobs

    calm down sir, i was just asking though ^_^. No need to use harsh words sir. To answer your question, no i'm not new into your server but I almost played your server for almost a year now.
  6. Sire12

    Got 1 hit by Mobs

    lmao, damn many bugs happening in this server. Even the bells camp towers can't even kill Basco lol. What is he a Godzilla? lol.
  7. Sire12

    Got 1 hit by Mobs

    Really? is that true? lmao damn that is so ironic in the game
  8. Sire12

    Got 1 hit by Mobs

    Please help us sir @Izzy I was fully equipped with Force DR set and as I was trying to hit the catapult I got 1 hit and It may occurred to me sir that this is a BUG on mages. Please do care of your game sir. Thank you so much ^_^
  9. Sire12

    Selling Account IGN Niko Bellato

    That would be true, I was at work lol. I can't earn more money just playing or selling GPs LOL. You should work bro. I like mage, why do you care im just debuffing and healing? even all of the ACC WR can't kill me, you need to have LC to kill me lol.
  10. They are absolutely abusing the blind spot in Bells port! @Izzy please sir GM look at this, you want to lose more numbers in bells?, which we didn't do that to the ACC. Please be fair to others don't look to much on the hand. Be fair to others sir. Thank you so much. I hope this message of mine will not be offended to you. I'am fighting for the equality in your server. We deserve equality though.
  11. Sire12

    Selling Account IGN Niko Bellato

    Don't accuse mate. You yourself is being toxic player which it can cause low numbers of player playing in the server of Sir @Izzy. You just spy and hop to ACC ( Correct me If I'm wrong ). And let me correct you this statement of yours, really not a good example while bellato gaining number lately and can repel more maps, are you kidding me? are we gaining numbers??? really? mate open your both big eyes, we have fun on PVP that's why some of us will go PVP. And we can't farm well because your councils and the numbers of ACC can repel easily. Bells only have 1 PARTY vs YOUR ENTIRE POPULATION! is that a GAINING NUMBERS???. Don't speak if you can't look at yourself! Blaming others and accusing is way more toxic! OKAY MATE! IF YOU WANT TO PVP! I'AM READY TO PVP FOR YOU! I WILL ONLY USE ONE HAND WAND!
  12. Thank you for looking to this matter GM ^_^ this would help your server more.
  13. The towers in Bells CM port didn't hit TSF which it showed a bug system on this server. I hope this will see in your eyes @Izzy. Fight for Equality!
  14. Damn, tsk, there are too many bugs in this game. It needs to fix it. This guy can hit on the safe zone which it killed my my friend. We are shock that this guy can hit on the safe zone. Fight for Equality!
  15. Man it was so laughable because he got annoyed when I continuously debuff and restrain him and couldn't do anything. He PMed me later on HAHAHAHA, is this a good health to players? being a toxic player? damn HAHAHAHA