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  1. PetugasMedis

    New Regulation RL/Council

    Go Niko And Lotrex For NRL DONT S4. Cause S4, Bells too many drama now
  2. PetugasMedis


    OK , This is for example for another case that dont be given more attention . Now it happens again. So Now , it should do something. If Mr. @Izzy dont do something again for this case. Next Case will happen again and again. And I Think will more case like this. All council can give karma to other council. Andd RF will be broken :(. That we know. Noone want that. So i just ask help give something for this case, up to Mr @Izzy u can give jade karma back to fury, or other. Just do semething as u GM for our justice thanks Im so sorry i just give argument for RF XTR future
  3. PetugasMedis


    It has Done for 1x24 hours sir. Break Rules is Wrong. Even though Real Owner FURY said that he dont give it but It is actually wrong. Cause On that RULE i repeated again "KARMA cant give to other COUNCIL" please @Izzy do semething for justice. In This Case IGN FURY is wrong. The person who can give KARMA is Council. The council is FURY. Even though he said that the person who giving is his pilot. He is actually wrong. I give example, for a case. If there is person The Name is Mr.A. He is having a debt to Mr.B. But Mr A bring Mr.C named for paying his debt. So who must pay this to Mr.B , Mr A or Mr C? the answer is Mr.C cause Mr.A bring the Mr. C named. Please Do something @Izzy , if u dont do something , i think next case will always happen. I support RF XTR for justice
  4. PetugasMedis


    Please @Izzy read this, IGN : FURY give KARMA to Council. The RULE All Council cant get KARMA, but FURY give it. Please do something sir. Give Justice Please
  5. PetugasMedis

    @izzy check concils acc pls

    I think is ok now. Cause This problem is coming when Acc race hold by WOLVES . as u know WOLVES is always AFK in base. And Now Race Acc council is not from wolves anymore. WOLVES Guild is strong but they are always AFK. The important things in this race is only being ACTIVE. So In this week i think council is much active. May next week whoever the council will be more active enough. So Please Stop Drama Anymore Stop Being Sarcasm Stop Giving Hoax Please be active like other race.