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  1. toguro

    bolivia Bug SK Fast Hit

    I understand sr izzy more this time I am his brother and his account has the pilot that I am I am explaining that the mowing was used exclusively for reborn purposes to lv up in elitrio. I know you have a bad past, but people change. if the video as proof of sk sk shows that you need to know how I will make this bug without laziness sr izzy. this time there was no violation. I ask you to reconsider for kindness. this is an unjust ban. not always that error remains in error. this time there was no error is just a forgotten item in the bag as proof check the reborn log was made a long time.
  2. toguro

    bolivia Bug SK Fast Hit

    as it was reported in the video made need 1 launcher to be made this bug. check if there is a launcher in the backpack to make this bug ?! this SK is in the backpack forgotten long since I gave reborn to try set top 1 CPT and I gave up being for having to stop playing in the char as reported in the video you need 1 laucher to make this SK bug and in the backpack it has no laucher. please analyze that there is no gun in the bag to effect this type of bug. it's just a cry because the races are not accustomed to a strong specialist who knows how to play the difference is this.
  3. Cora : KAKAROTO kill me cw3 04 March bell win cw2 > no respect MOU 31% stats bcc Pls KARMA for him ''if we have rules they must be followed'' thx
  4. toguro

    error select char help me

    help me pls
  5. loguim: plate97 name char plate97 i need help sir izzy
  6. toguro

    FREE 20VP

    IGN: Toguro
  7. mr Izzy .I know that after this update there were some bug's I came to report 1 of them here the skills of launcher with SK this very bugado I have Agera +7 as in the video the towers of lv 75 are beating me just 600 just to help normalize. player ZAAP Bow +7 donner + RB skill 10k . pls check thx
  8. toguro

    racism with brazil players

    as izzy said is not accepted for having sent by pm. plus this comes often occurring in the gamee in acc. 90% of brazilians are in my guild. we will not leave the server just for this. just reporting the situation because it's boring you're playing and have to wisper pm. thanks in advance
  9. this has been happening a lot we would like some attitude Mr. Izzy.
  10. toguro


    as well there is no indication look at the council talking 38%
  11. toguro

    Event Share Facebook FREE 20VP

    ID: derson3 name Brastemp link Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/luizphelipe.oliveira.54
  12. since the closing of the marketplace was warned that after 3 days all registered items would be returned automatically. after one week it was not returned. one person here in the group told me that he would be returned after Mr. Izzy returned from his trip. I would like to know Mr. izzy if he has already returned hehe. because since it was closed I will negotiate in the game my item for weapons even the item was 50 metal plate sr izzy.
  13. toguro

    racism with Brazilian players

    sir Izzy he made it very clear that it is not personal with the guild. 'not you, your guild' ' asking to leave the guild this type of authority is pemitido? because if there is no problem I will kill his guild all too and this always generates instability in the race. players with this attitude of authority believe that they should be punished because it is not harming me will harm ACC.
  14. Sir Izzy, I have less than 3 months on this server. I come from another server because I have good references from the extreme. I have my character I consider strong. I fought for it. this player iCocytus claims not to like the guild that I am for having some problem with Brazil players. I'm trying to help my Breed acc up. I would like to know if this is considered as racism because it is complicated to play with a player that only attracts you because you do not like your country origin.