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  1. To continue with, when he was playing Bellato IGN: Neville, we entrusted him the RL spot, he said he will do his best and everything. But it was a mistake, he treat people differently as if he is the strongest player. Mocking other players, trashtalking to them to the point he uses foul words. Also, 1 incident occurred when he asked for a Guild Leader on a certain guild called PLAYTIME coz he wanted the 10% additional stats for it, since he was the RL they entrusted that guild. But when the Guild Pack event happened, he took the Guild Leader Package secretly without even asking a consent from the real owner of the guild. He scammed the guild package claiming he bought it. Again, this guy must be punished but what he did to the server and to the players. Hope you will execute permanent and ip banned to him. Thank you and more power to XTR.
  2. Frags

    Is this the beginning of the end?

    2. Cora and Bells can 1 hit us also. How? Only with lights can 1T ACC, get your facts right sir. How can you say bells and cora can 1t comparing to 60k CS to more and less 20k Pressure/Bash/Destru? Please explain.
  3. Frags

    New Regulation RL/Council

  4. Frags

    New Regulation RL/Council

    Are you stupid? Im piloting Assegai, I know miss cw3 last night and thats the only time I didn't attend CW. Of course we can't online CW1 prior to the time, its bed time. Get your heads up boy I always attend cw2 and cw3.
  5. Frags


    Its clearly against the rule TO PUT KARMA TO COUNCILS. I don't why this hopper talk really too much.
  6. Frags


    Thank you for this. I switch to xclass for the meantime. Maybe i test back to saboteur.
  7. Frags


    Does the +7 ONYX TK Damage is back?
  8. Frags


    Just tried fatal stab to LTD with shield. I have RB buff right now. This is the result. With potato+crit pots+RB Buff/+7 Onyx TK and complete s1 set: 1st try: 11k 2nd try: 19k 3rd try: 15k Before MT and when my TK still +6, I can damage councils with stab for around 20-22k with potato+crit pots+RB buff. This explain that something's wrong with onyx damage, hopefully it will be fix soon.
  9. Frags


    Same to this, im playing Saboteur in bellato with +7 TK+ST Aura. Before MT, I can 1t LC/Mage/Ranger but after the MT, the worst damage I have seen was 12k to LC in Siege Mode with Potato+Crit pots+ST Aura. Supposed to be it is our best asset as backstabber but right now, its pretty disappointing with the damage. Hope it will be fix.
  10. Frags

    Damage bug on Fallen Set

    From fallen set to flym set. Wew
  11. Frags

    Changelog 09/06/2020

    Lets clash 1 day. Im playing backstabber in bells.
  12. Frags

    Acc and Cora skip HSK

    It's true. Acc RL don't show cw2 or even cw3. Just saw him few times and most of the time, they skipped hsk.
  13. Frags

    @izzy check concils acc pls

    I saw KG once or twice only this week if I'm not mistaken. Also, almost all ACC SKIP HSK if cora will get the CB. We saw 2 or 3 acc dpsing at HSK. We already posted about it.
  14. Frags


    Acc and cora allied now but can't get win cw3 last night. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  15. Hello is this still up? I just want to turn off the lights of my set not my weapon.