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  1. *REPOST* IGN: UGOKNABISAYA We targeted CCC chip during CW1 and such player killed me when the chip's health is not below 20%.
  2. VK95

    Disconnection Problem

    Hi Sir, How do I know if I have installed these and updated it? Before, I can play without hassle so I believe these files were already updated in my pc. It is only this time that I cannot connect continuously.
  3. Hi, I always being disconnected whenever I logged in my account during character selection. I live in the Philippines but most of my playmates can play very well. I checked my internet speed and it was 35 mbps, good enough to play continuously. Already checked the PING and it is on less than 50 mpbs. Already reinstalled the game and it kept me from playing continuously. Does anyone experience the same problem? Hoping someone could help. Thank you!