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  1. ExtremeYaeger

    Pilot RL CORA Toxic

    To sir foxis,extremeArmsDealer,AlingVicky, owh i got it now, thanks for explaining to me. To sir OtongX: give me your spear please. To sir KillerGod: I am not crying sir, I'm just asking a few things that I still don't understand in this issue. fortunately sir foxis and other had explained well about the extent to which GM cant intervere in internal affairs between RLs in the game. and the RL CORA pilot problem is over.
  2. ExtremeYaeger

    Pilot RL CORA Toxic

    Hahaha iya bg, obat2an semua.
  3. ExtremeYaeger

    Pilot RL CORA Toxic

    good afternoon sir, I'm ExtremeYaeger, RL Bellato at the moment. I want to report something that happened in the game. After CW 2 this afternoon, suddenly RL Cora came and killed all the Bellato in Nadir and ABX, even though the status of Bellato and Cora is currently in an alliance. I was told that RL CORA is being run by its pilot, please investigate further about this. Thanks Gbu