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    Banned Account - Penny

  2. wow...you really raise a hate campaign on WOLVES guild.....
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    Hands off to you Android17.. .. one way or the other, ACC wont be the same with you leaving
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    Racist. Banned please

    why hide your IGN...are you offended by the N word? i see no harm here...play the game..dont be a cry baby
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    Watch Wonder Woman 1984 [2020] Full Movie English HD

    piracy..DONT SPAM
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    Ingin tahu alasan sebenar nya SEE di banned

    Translation.. Does not reduce my respect to GM from the EXTREME server I want to open a thread or forum about this last banned event that happened. Where it concerns the char SEE. Here I just want to receive positive feedback and keep a cool head. For those who do not like or want to mock or feel a sense of satisfaction over what happened last please move aside. Previously, there had been a ban on one of the char characters from Bellato Race, namely kAto and SEE, for reasons of slandering server. Previously I apologize for not really knowing the situation and what happened so that the two char could be banned (because of the lockdown effect). So I tried to find out and try asking some friends who can still play on this server. And it turns out that in the RF EXTREME INTERNATIONAL fb group (sorry if there was a writing error) I saw a post from GM that said it would click on group members using profile photos from other RFs and there I saw a member by the name of Kareem Abdul who submitted a problem that there seems to be offending the server problem (I don't understand English, I only draw a little conclusion: the nerf problem with Bellato and the possibility of offending donations). And I think this is probably the problem that caused both bans to be banned. (After I found out the problem in the fb, I just knew that Kareem Abdul was kAto) So I just want to ask the GM EXTREME, is there any evidence that if this is not normal when he uses SEE? The thing is I feel strange if the SEE that we know is piloted by Kato (the owner of SEE is busy with his life). The banned page says SEE is banned because of 'conspiracy'. What conspiracy is made by SEE? If there really is I want to know, because what I know here is guilty and doing wrong is that Kto, why is it that SEE should be carried around? Is it because of the reason that SEE is also used by us? remembering before there was also a conspiracy created by one of the players from the ACC race, and there was the pilot acting, the first id that was used was banned but finally? Off again, right? Are the forms of the problem not the same so that different measures must be given? Between SEE and the ACC char who had previously been banned due to conspiracy, both were not known by their respective owners and the acting was the pilot. Why not just the pilot ID that is permanently banned? Why are other people 's IDs used by the pilot also banned? (For the SEE case)? Or maybe from GM EXTREME itself has strong evidence so that SEE deserves to be banned, and I want to know that evidence. That's all I want to know. Sorry if it's long because I'm afraid that if it's short I'll say 'pretentious, maid,' all kinds. Thanks.
  7. both are dummy accounts..so NOPE
  8. Clearly forum account was made to make an issue...if Benjo cant back this one up with more valid evidence, admin MUST BAN him
  9. @H3LL Any problems with SEE dude?