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  1. You can see in the forum thread title that the suspect is Bellato named Dez and like i mentioned he is voting himself into a council spot on bellato side when he doesnt play bellato he is an ACC he even tried to chaos a bellato CB the other day so they couldnt reach the core, hes voting himself into a spot and trying to sabotage bell.
  2. This isnt the first time he's done this he has done the same thing previously in the past i think two other times, where he has ran for a council spot and doesnt even bother playing, ive not seen his character online on bellato side in months and he's clearly just using alt accounts and getting his friends to vote him into a spot, from what ive been told aswell he also plays acc and is toxic and by doing this hes just wasting a spot on bellato side and also taking the spot away from people who are actually online all day and playing for example ARBITER and AKIRA these people are actually helping the race with daily business and this guy just logs in and tries to take spots away from people who deserve them, Izzy please look into the matter thank you.
  3. Lelantos

    Break MOU IGN: Restless001

    Yeah well acc did the same thing but just cause other people don't follow the rules does that mean you don't have too either? Should of waited until 20% like your suppose to, that's your own problem not other people's you should know better.
  4. As you can see in the picture chip still 21% when this acc killed me, cora won last cw and still too early for pvp so violation of MOU rules.
  5. Just like in last post, ACC won previous CW i went to CCC to grab HMS after the first cora killed me i ressed and then this other cora came over and killed me aswell breaking MOU rules you can see the IGN in the image : BabyGOLD
  6. ACC won last cw i just go to CCC to get hms and this cora killed me there, IGN : Aurorra
  7. Lelantos

    Toxic Player Bellato

    So you want me to post all the chatbox then that was visible in the SS i took, that bit blacked out is a private matter between me and somebody else that doesnt need to be seen publically.
  8. As you can see here, this bellato on his first charcter nick : cAtoL was talking shit and insulting me and my guild in all chat for awhile so i chatbanned him at first he then said he has 14 accounts and it doesnt matter how many i chat ban he will keep coming back, i have a few ss of his first 3 different character names he was using, hes being very toxic to me and the bellato race and also very insulting this is something we dont need in the server and if i remember correctly he has already been banned before, there was alot more chat from him but i didnt think to SS at the time and was too late to scroll up and capture it.
  9. Cora won last cw and izzy already removed the ban from attacking cora chip, i headed to BCC on my alt to tell the acc and was killed by basco straight away.