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  1. True. Especially when a race is holdig it for almost 14 hours. It took 3 hours for the ally party to retake
  2. Also. Check the ip of the char: Sweety80, Gutcruncher89 and Mael for proof
  3. Heehaw

    Breaking MOU ign : Sweety80

    not a good example
  4. So, we caught this convo along with, that Gutcruncher was sold by Sweety80 a.k.a Mael in acc . Non verbatim convo. Translated in english. Mael: thats not already mine Mael: addict Aidsotic: he doesnt know. (Referring to andro) Aidsotic: that’s already sold out boss Andro: did you sell it? Mael: yes. Hahahaah Andro: how much was the price? Mael: 2k php only. (40$ US). I got bored in acc. -the rest not related to account selling
  5. Heehaw

    Breaking MOU ign : Sweety80

    LOL!! Bells are really taking advantage in regards to this matter. They wont say sorry instead. Even we accretia wont fire aoe skills in Lc especially compound cuz we know we might harm bells. But this one? Nah... cora still outside zz. This player should be punished.