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  1. VanessaPH

    Farewell Accretia

    OMG.... RL Acc? what are you doing.
  2. Situation: CW3 Bells Win Cora and Accretia try to kill HSK Nebu Killed me.
  3. VanessaPH

    PK for no reason

    Thats why chaos is in the game. Just build your char and fightback. dont cry
  4. please give this cry baby tissue please. each time he killed other race he trash talks. he always thinks he got the skills. look OtongX, SEE the RL of bellato before was skillfull thats why bells went up, he has a brain. actions speaks louder than words. and i never saw him boast. you just have good items so you just point and shoot. even your own race complaints about you. how can bells grow if that's your mentality? and do you think sir izzy is not watching CW? fill up your brain first before you file a complaint.
  5. If it was hacked he was just recently tagged on facebook group that means if his facebook was hacked he shouldnt able to access it anyways right? just my opinion.
  6. VanessaPH


    nebu mafia ahahahaha
  7. Race Won: Accretia Situation: We are defending HSK and he killed me.
  8. VanessaPH


    What usually happens is this. 1.They go to a spot 2.They will just kill and steal mobs. 3.They will be warned once or twice. 4.They wont listen. 5.They will get KOS 6.They will cry at all chat or in forum. this is what i noticed.
  9. Race won CW1 ACCRETIA Current Target: ACC Chip
  10. VanessaPH

    Fallen Services

    Fallen Services for Android17
  11. VanessaPH

    LEGEND w/ Too much haters bye

    Time to move on.....
  12. ign: EMELANG saying nasty chat in all chat during my live stream Hope some of you guys wont disrespect us streamers especially im a lady EMELANG SAYS on the Screenshot "Baho kag bilat" Translation from Cebuano to English "Your pussy stinks."