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  1. GoodPerson

    Error to use Reborn Plate

    i am 3/4 times use reborn plate.. after that error... so i search other reborn plate, thats work dude... I thought maybe there was indeed an error in the reborn plate, so Hero can't read it..
  2. GoodPerson

    Its Getting Bored in CW because OF MOU RULE

    I think nice for Brainstorming....
  3. GoodPerson

    New Regulation RL/Council

    Nice Policy...
  4. GoodPerson

    The Fastest Way of Leveling up to 75

    10 Easy Ways to leveling max RF Extreme 1. Take Specialist Job 2. Start the game 3. Type "BuffMe" in chat so you get 3 popular buff... 4. Go to Shop and Buy 5 Cartella Rank, 1 Sprint Charm, 1 Claivoyance Charm, 5 Jade of Relief 720 hours, 5 Jade of Abundance 720 hours, 5 burst generator, 5 protect generator, 5 perfect generator, 5 charm of restoration, 1 charm of holiness. Dont worry about your cash 5. A. just use your bonus weapon and Kill Young Flem -> FLEM -> Neo Warbeast/ Vaper Nipper -> Argol -> Cloned Carnival until lvl 36 and back to HQ 5. B. Use your gold capsule and sell your Diamond Neklace of Kaliana Queen -> Buy Golden Wind Knife and Stealth Mantle in Gold Item Vendor -> Buy Armor lvl 41 in Armor Type B side of Ore 5. C. Go to Bellato Outpost and go to cave that transfer you in Solus Sector Direction -> kill Brutal until level 36 and Assasins Builder A (ABA) until level 51 and back to HQ -> go to race manager and take the class promotion to be Driver and Armor Rider 6. Buy Portal Outcast Land Scroll in Foreign Vendor (side HQ Portal) and Elan Plateru Scroll in Rare tools (side Coinexchange) Buy Catapult in MAU NPC and Tuning your Catapult to Full Upgrade you can and dont forget to buy your Ammo 7. Use your Outcast Land Scroll -> use your MAU to kill monster surrounding you especially Red Haired Splinter until lvl 57 8. Use your Elan Plateru Scroll and kill Draco to get Cafe PB Lumenion Scroll and use it 9. Kill momon in there until level 70 (Arched Sacred) by your MAU unit. 10. To Level Up until level 75 you can party with under lvl 70 and get experience from them. DONT FORGET TO ENJOY YOUR GAME
  5. GoodPerson

    Introduce yourself

    Name : HH Nick Game : GoodPerson Race : Bellato Address : IDN Age : 24
  6. RF Online is need good Connection... you must make sure too have a good connection... just check the ping have a stabil condition 20 ms...
  7. i think there are have problem in hero to use reborn plate... there are often error