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  1. So funny when you PVP. Is Your Skill is Passive? your did not restrain that warrior.you just heal yourself. what a noob player. Peace Yow!!! its real talk,
  2. CcanoyWarrior

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    By any chance, You can still go back play RF XTR, Even you get banned permanently. its just a Set. Beside Easy Vote,Easy Upgrade, not unless the item you got S1 Set And Onyx +7 you got and armor Dark Ray, Its a Sad Life right?
  3. @izzy Its Boring doing CW because it have MOU, i have a suggestion.i don't think if other players will agree or not, or maybe some player will understand what will i have to say. well let say that we should change the rule of CW. not 2race vs 1race and pvp when its 20%. How about each race will attack the chip, well you said this is the pvp server. we just want to see how loyal those player when CW will be start.cause some of player here.when 2race target your race.they probably change to other' race just to get cpt for running RL or council. so how about that each 1race will attack the chip. for example. bells attack acc or Cora chip. if bells attack first in cora or acc. then cora attack in bells chip and acc will attack on cora chip. it just like no ally, 5% can only steal on other chip!!!