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  1. Shinketsup

    Running with SK mode + Chain Rocket

    Hahaha strategy of weaklings want to get rid of the other powerfull player, desperate strategy of u report the player u cant win of
  2. Shinketsup

    rasist and blockmail

    I know Gm will not entertain report in pm
  3. Shinketsup


    I know that sir,, about the vote ZAAP get 0% vote and got strike and LilLonzo got 16% vote and get the def team,, thats why am confuse ZAAP won strike with no vote and LilLonzo got def team with a vote more or less 16%,, the counsil is determine by the vote right,, why is that happen??? 0vote win higher spot than a 16%vote,,
  4. can i ask u mr. Gm why ZAAP become strike team even in 0% vote?? And the 3rd highest vote become def team? Is there a rules about it?? Am not owner of the 3rd highest vote but as a player i just want to know if theres a rule about that or its a bug of the system,, hope u can answer me sooner thanks sir.. God bless
  5. ACC PK me in the midle of war, bells is the last winner of this war so acc and cora will be ally IGN of the killer : SigareLyas08 last winner of war : bellato time of war : the 3rd war evening
  6. Shinketsup

    Suggestion for all running in counsil

    Peperoni not so low cpt like 300k cpt , ofcourse we will know who will actve and not,, likely in acc we know who is always online actve in war and pvp,, acc is not populated race so we almost know all of the players there,, likely in cora too small populated race,, in bells they dont have that problem counsil there always on,, am not against on other country leaders but atleast actve,, the server is likely rf bellato even acc and cora population cant win the population of bellato,
  7. Sir izzy can the counsil left side and rl can have punishment if they run on position but not active or just afk in hq, so if tjey cant sure there actve for the week they will not run, so other want to run with lower cpt can run and get chnce of winning,, acc and cora have that problem,, high cpt control the counsil but not actve in war and pvp,, thats why many go to bells,, i thnk this will help to gain population in acc and cora to balance the population of the server, hope u read it sir izzy Hope u understand what am pointing sir thanks
  8. killing me on CW time cora won last war IGN of killer : Krysthal
  9. Shinketsup

    Z A F T guild

    Join ur guild lht dto pinoy,, welcome lht,, monsterinc is reguild to zaft now Wazowskie leader,
  10. Shinketsup


    sir how about this breaking the ally of the 2 race lose the war how this can be punish
  11. Shinketsup

    CHAOS during WAR

    thank sir for ur fast respond that character is a toxic player and a lowbie killer to get the farming area of his own race
  12. Shinketsup

    CHAOS during WAR

    IGN: Murdermachine12 Reason: CHEOS ABUSER DURING WAR
  13. Shinketsup


    IGN: KyleDylan REASON: DS on acc during HSK killing WInning race: CORA