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  1. As you can see in the picture, cora won cw so acc and bells were dpsing hsk, Nebu DS Bells when hsk still alive.
  2. Acc won cw before, yet these cora still come to bcc to try and dps then kill bells there see image
  3. IGN : TSF Killed me straight after cw start 4/2/2020 9:02 pm UK Time
  4. bernchud


    When you release the stats and materials needed to make?
  5. Cora won CW, This Acc named SKRILEX still killing bells still at ACC Chip 12/01/2020 13:25 UK Time
  6. I dunno if you already have plans for anything here but since nothing has been mentioned yet, with the recent changes with items like DA/CA, Dragon Weps and the VP theres certain things in game that i feel need changing due to the fact theres no gain from them anymore, like Metal Ore anybody that was on during the christmas event most probably has a stack of these already if they kept them and since you can buy a +6 Dragon wep from the GCP for 12 VP there is no need for Metal Ore pretty much and considering your adding in a second MHSK spot there should be some change, maybe instead of giving dragon extender just make the Metal Ore give 1 Piece MP per Stack. Another farming spot which is no longer needed would be MAU's in Nadir Plain, farming them was for relics and DA but they now cost 1mil from npc in HQ and also Elektrio (if thats how it's spelt) pretty much dropping the same loot except the ore. Just some thoughts anyway.
  7. bernchud

    EVENT ABUSER POLL *make 'em follow set rules*

    Heres another level 75 disguised as 55.
  8. He killed my lowbie multiple times outside HQ but forgot to SS and then did same thing for me at OC, heres SS.
  9. See the attached Image, i dunno if its against the rules or not, he kept on messaging me still after saying no multiple times.
  10. bernchud

    WTS Relics Bellato Side.

    Selling Many +7 Relics Bellato Side See As Listed : 10 x Name Of Vengeance 5 x Divine Core 6 x Twin Impact 9 x Aldebaran 1 x Beat of Beast Will be updated daily, pm me on here or ingame IGN : Lelantos