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  1. rcahxrta

    Fallen Released (Combine Receipt)

    weapon,armor,mantle all fallen... I think maybe will have fallen element sooner or later XD
  2. Good afternoon sir Since last week MT, some language turn to english in game,that before is chinese. ex.mission log(hotkey"J") It is used to be chinese interface,but now all english. I did try to using chinese patch again,but still not work. Please help us fix this problem. Some of new player need this interface,because their english not very well.
  3. rcahxrta

    WTS GoldPlate all Race

    sold out
  4. rcahxrta

    Two Scammer in bell

    Thank you so much sir Izzy. I truly appreciate your fast Excute about this thing.
  5. rcahxrta

    Two Scammer in bell

    IGN:Kaaymeth IGN:BankMIRACLE In the First Kaaymeth pm me said his friend want buy GP then BankMIRACLE pm me I give my price and pay method They want me give them item first,then pay me money. I reject,then they start make story in all chanel. Saying about that Kaaymeth already pay,but me didn't trade them item. Try to make me like a Scammer. From the result, I did't lose any item. But I think I need to let other player know about this two Scammer. And hope sir izzy can give punishment to scammer. They did try to disturb your server. I have upload proof pic and my paypal account renctly activity. last recieve is 2020/1/10.
  6. rcahxrta

    Changelog 1/7/2020 (GAMECP)

    just pay your effort dude,lvl 70 is easy
  7. rcahxrta

    WTS GoldPlate/MetalPlate all Race

    sold out!
  8. 4 GoldPlate want to sell pm me for price only accept US by using paypal
  9. hello,guys There is a problem about unselling,trading,dropping items. Drogon weapon with less socket,there is no way to remove them. They can can't be put in storage,sell,and trade. Only one or two socket's weapon need so many dragon socket. So I willing to combine a new weapon to gambling more socket. But the less socket weapon is taking many bag space... Is there some solution can remove this weapon?? thx a lot