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  1. Nebu2K

    Ingin tahu alasan sebenar nya SEE di banned

    #releaseSEE lick me too
  2. Banned Android17 / DT and Nebu xd
  3. Nebu2K


    sad screenshot
  4. Nebu2K

    Pilot RL CORA Toxic

    i think you should end alliances and start killing yourself on all maps
  5. #BackSEE i love u
  6. i loves WOLVES xd
  7. Nebu2K

    Break MOU IGN NeoSoulShooter

    lol 14/29 xd
  8. Nebu2K

    R.I.P SEE

    "Justine: BRTeam no cb = NPC" lol Really??? just a taste of what BRTeam did with Bell
  9. Nebu2K

    Changelog 2/04/2020

    Good good
  10. Nebu2K

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    izzy please can check at time of incident if login "RaizoR" IP is the same as IP used by owner i believe that he would not make this horrible mistake RaizoR is an important player in the ACC Thank you, I hope you can help my dear friend RaizoR
  11. in this case, at ACC, we also have some full afk advice, "Bekty", he is the Deff Team CORA "Doni" i hope Mr. izzy can banned register as he did to me once when i spent 1 month unable to register
  12. Nebu2K

    Introduce yourself

    Name: Willian Nike Game: Nebu / NTC78 / Xarada / Nebuloso Race: Accretia Address: Brazil Age: 24 xD