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  1. UserNotFound


    Remember : Players follow the rule Not Rule follows the Players. If you want to make a different things by your own childish mind. , go find another game, or make your own RF. Done. OMG... why BELLS player are pretty immature. XD
  2. UserNotFound

    Kepada Yang Terhormat Izzy selaku Owner Xtr

    Nah itulah... Udah menang 2 point... Masih aja ngeluh2.. memalukan, emang dasarnya manja sih... Apa2 udah dapet.. sekalinya kalah, nangis
  3. UserNotFound

    Kepada Yang Terhormat Izzy selaku Owner Xtr

    Nice thread... Especially related about PVP. BELLS have been Buffed too much, but none of us complained. May i give you an example. -Their HC is so OP in Heal... They dont use Amount number of HP, But they use Percent of HP.... Feel like fight with Cats with 9 lives. LOL., They were dying and then raise again, in Huge Amount of HP. LOL. Mostly we were shocked. But look, it been months we didn't complain about it... - Look at BELLS Dodge, it seems impossible to explain. U know it already. And you know what's funny? They just pride about it, feel like they cant be killed. Pretty immature.
  4. UserNotFound

    Im Concern about my Race (Cora)

    That's the sad truth.. As long as i play RF I only play Cora, because i'm a Cora player purely. All of my chars are Cora. Some of you might be already saw me in the Battlefield... Yes.. i changed my base job so many times, just to feel what's wrong with Cora. Once i became a pure WR, then i became a Mage, an X job, and the Last is a pure Ranger. And I have an opinion that.. the Mage is the one that really nerf. But once i remember when Mage of Cora didn't get Nerf and OCX became RL, in that time Cora was so strong as i know. But now the nerf change everything. And Now you can barely see me in the battelfield.. thx Penny.. you delivered my thought