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  1. Penny

    Banned Account - Penny

    @Izzy No need to show us the proof if u don't have, just let us know who is the one who reported that faked and Cut Screenshot at least it will compensate for what you did to us..
  2. Penny

    Banned Account - Penny

    Thanks for the concern bro, the fact that he accused us on something which is not really true, making fun with us and not saying any word.. hmmmmm I dont think so..
  3. Penny

    Banned Account - Penny

    Dear Mr. Izzy, People still waiting for your proof.. How we will see your reply then??
  4. Dear Mr. Izzy, Good Day to you.. I was shocked when i trying to log on my account today. I just don't understand the reason behind my account been banned. Please make things clear to me, kindly show me some proof that I disrespect ADM/GM. If you found so, I will humbly apologize and will accept the punishment with no regrets. Thanks.
  5. IGN: UGOKNABISAYA Race: Accretia Reason: Broke MOU by using DS at Cora side @ BCC chip 21% while he can clearly see what is the real stats as he is ACC council (Bells won CW2) Screen Shot attached below:
  6. IGN: [16th] Race: Accretia Reason: Broke MOU by using DS at Cora side @ BCC chip 26-27% (Bells won CW2) Screen Shot attached below:
  7. Penny

    Not Fair

    Level 75 towers in tp port and any side of the map. If we are level 50 how we can farm? and how we can destroy these towers?. Hmm. too Hopeless.
  8. Penny

    Not Fair

    Despite GM noticed about not allowed for Level 75 Maus, Level 75 Towers & Character above level 50++. Even bells is already dominated the LL they still violating the rules set by GM. @Izzy sir, please just observe in the current situation of LL there is so many violators from bells race like this one. Level 75 Advance Leon towers on my left screen & on the Right Bell nick: GraffenBerg with onyx killed 1 cora.
  9. IGN: Bizz Race: Bellato Reason: Not unusual story, bells pushing and killing Coras from stats acc 22% (see attached photo below).
  10. IGN: UnionKiller Race: Bellato Reason: Broke MOU at ACC chip 21% during CW2. (bells pushed cora and started to pvp around stats 22% as you can see on the radar pink dots behind me).
  11. I just want to share my thoughts about My race (Cora) being drastically decreased in numbers in the fast few days as per my Observation. Population Statistics = 10% to 15% (based from the site) Chance of Winning CW = 0.01% (few numbers & no council to spam the stats so it is really impossible to KS the chip from ACC / Bells). Chance of Acquiring Onyx seems too difficult compare to other race (Cora recent onyx users acquired by donations (after the change logs)). Leveling & farming sites are already gone (can repel with other race but other race will still take it after repel) Sooner or Later it will be just ACC vs. Bells. (I hope GM will try to solve the issue before it happens)
  12. IGN: Android17 Race: Accretia (Left Consul) I have my respect on you before Sir and you are telling me that I was killed by AOE which is too impossible. I was standing at the same place far away from chip from about 40%. I think multi shot now can cover AOE of 90% angle. It's up to the Race Leaders to decide. Thanks.
  13. Penny


    Sir Izzy, please review again this thread. Thanks.
  14. @ Sir Foxis, I don't think its just a lag issue as I didn't see anyone blinking except him until 12:39 sec. (he did it 3x in the video & why its only him). Please rechecked and re-observed Sir this time frame from 1:37 - 1:40 & 10:01 - 10:05. Thanks.