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  1. Slark

    Requesting BOOST DAMAGE

    Yeah FALLEN ERA is real, unfortunately i am still on 14GP for my fallen weapon, cause I did already use my 40GP for crafting the Fallen Booster and the only source of gold plate we can get as Cora is the Nadir farm site. Thanks, if only solution is the Fallen Weapon to penetrate those Darkray Set +6 and +7 user, I will craft immediately but of course we're still lock down at HQ from going out to farm site due to massive Accretian farmers and raiders. If ever there is a source of farming gold plates in HQ map which is the safe place to grind items.. I would love to invest time in farming and go out soon to CW or PVP MAP using my crafted Fallen Weapon. Yes i have no problem what admin/GM set the new updates, just raising my hand for chances might hear my voice of suggestion. Due to unhealthy decision of other players that we called "hopper" joining the win race and normal time are just farming while Chip Wars only PVP time right now... I see, but i am expecting the fallen elems set tho. We'll see what would be the next MT impact in-game. For now, no source of gold plates to farm/grind (excluded for rmt GP's.) i prefer to work hard for my items, so as of now I play as support netter for those who own Fallen Weapon can kill the enemy they are chasing/hunting... instead of I hunt high rank enemy but can't kill with combo skills.
  2. WHAT: We/I are requesting increase the damage of ONYX WEAPON +7, at least equal damage rate of FALLEN WEAPON +4. I have thrilled when successfully made Onyx Weapon +7 but the damage is unsatisfied, our gold plate resources are stuck right now due to massive Accretian farmer and raiders. I would love to craft Fallen Weapon as soon we get back our feet and have enough supply on gold plates and make it +5 for the next upgrading thrill. WHY: We/I are unable to kill enemy using DARKRAY SET +6, unless we focus fire on it. Onyx Weapon +7 should penetrate enemy using Darkray Armor Set +6 but sadly we cannot. I understand if we Onyx Weapon +7 user can't kill enemy using Fallen Armor Set +6 because that is FALLEN and we need Fallen Weapons to penetrate that armor. EXPECTING LOGIC DAMAGE: Onyx Weapon +7 = Fallen Weapon +4 " 2 different weapon and 2 option to be choosing, either upgrade to +7 (the lucky upgrade method) or craft to next weapon and make it +4 (the hardworking method which is you need to collect the required materials) " Onyx Weapon +7 vs Fallen Weapon +5 = Fallen Weapon WINS " this is the next level of upgrading to let go the Onyx Weapon +7, if ever we successfully made the Fallen Weapon to +5 " P.S. "This are just my toughs while playing and experiencing in-game, cause moving to the win race is not my choice. I know it is unhealthy thing to balance the server. I prefer to stay on losing race and help my comrades to get back on they're feet"
  3. Slark


    I am not sure what is happening but this is my in-game experience, normal player Accretia with DRS+6 Favor, Shield+7, Legend Elems Set vs Me with Fallen Wing 75%ATK, Onyx Weapon+7, S2 Set 50%ATK, Potato 70%ATK and Critical Potion,... I can't kill xclass shielded accretia warrior or pure warrior again... either Accretia armor is tough even +6 or just Onyx+7 are not enough damage.
  4. Slark


    Let your "friend" upload his screenshot killed by Isis owner, to know who is the owner of the Isis... check on alert chat then screenshot this is on 26% under MOU rules but if you just pin point i think he/she not applicable of MOU rules. Just saying...
  5. MOU rules apply only at 21%+, as you can see its already 16% and the 10% PVP rules only agreement between both Race Leader. I think this early push triggered LTD.... when this OtongX keep blocking our Cora Crag Mine Port killing all cora who spawn and running back to Accretia Chip cause they're TP is on cooldown...
  6. Slark


    Let say before was -50% damage, and now its -25% damage from original damage. I can now kill warriors using combo assassin skills, and good thing is I can't kill combo those who are equipped with fallen set and that what i called balance x) I need fallen weapon to kill that enemy using fallen armor set.
  7. Slark


    @Izzy Thank you!! I can feel now the Onyx+7 STRENGTH!!
  8. Slark


    It getting worse now sir, maybe that warrior enemy i encounter has low defense gauge cause i remember he pass to chip mob attacking him. Before the last MT my Extinction can reach 25k-27k no shield enemy, and 17k-20k for shielded enemy. But now shield/no-shield 8k-11k only and that is Onyx TK+7 with combo potion Potato + Critical Potion and bonus damage 10% as GL aura. @Izzy please check Onyx TK+7 low damage and can't kill with combo just like before, I don't feel anymore the Onyx+7 strength. For now i just change into adventurer and play as support netter, I miss the assassination pvp that I was use to be.
  9. Slark


    Yeah something is wrong, I am using Onyx TK+7 and the Extinction from enemy race shield on is 13k-19k but this Accretia Launcher "UltimateGunner" no shield and Launcher weapon up, i skill him Extinction only 9k. I tried again still 9k... I'm confused, instead of targeting ranger/mage/LC may favorite target now is shielder/xclass...
  10. Slark

    Changelog 09/06/2020

    Sure! what is your IGN btw?
  11. Slark

    Changelog 09/06/2020

    "Stay out of my way and maybe you won't get hurt, but I doubt it." -Slark is back on hunting again...
  12. Slark

    LEGEND w/ Too much haters bye

    Rules is rules, you deserve it x) you're not contented on legal RMT items to make some money, you still want bigger fish which is risky especially you have LEGEND chars as you said. GOOD BYE AND WE WILL NEVER MISS YOU!! HAHAHA
  13. IGN: Waston Race: Bellato Union Situation: Accretia Empire WIN, i'm on chasing some Accretia but, I got critical hits from behind tho unfortunately I died and it was a Bellato tho.
  14. Slark

    Red Stones?

    Red Stones is disable on process Ores? because i only get Blue Stones.