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  1. Two race's in collusion with each other all day just to overthrow another race, this clearly violates MOU as the command is being issued by the RL himself.
  2. kAto

    R.I.P SEE

    Doesn't this just tell how imbalance the damage now in comparison to Bellato, and yet Bellato is still winning? That's actually pretty sad that someone would take their time to make this kind of video just to prove how high the damage of their race is and yet they cannot win.
  3. There's a certain degree as to why numbers are invaluable in our game, this is an MMORPG we rely upon calculation of our stats to further gain power to advance into the game. If what you are saying that we should just ignore our stat value, then what's the point of gaining better items? People in the game spend their lives even real money (We all know donation in the server is not cheap) trying to better themselves in the game by gaining better gear, and yet this will be in vain because as you said there are items in the game that doesn't give true value on what was written in their stats. I have a certain finding of my own about an item in the game as well, apparently Fallen Jetpack is obsolete or is only on par compared to what you can gain with a Donation Mantle. This is the whole reason for this thread, to give light to this certain anomaly for it to get a fix.
  4. I'm aware that there was no announced recent changelog prior to the avoid stats in the game, but somehow something was changed. It might be because of the addition of other certain items into the game that it had affected our stat value or it was intentionally changed by the developers themselves without being transparent. There's a couple of probabilities that could have happened, this is why we are waiting for an admin to reply to this thread to explain to us what actually is going on.
  5. Oh yeah, I forgot that RPX has a 10% PC cafe, too bad I can't edit the first post anymore. Thanks for pointing that out.
  6. I understand what you are trying to convey, we've kind of noticed this as well with the tests we have done. It seems that DA gloves seem to give more accuracy than any other set. But I do think that there are far more complex calculation that is not being met when applying accuracy and dodge to our stats. Hopefully we get some feedback on the developers about this.
  7. This thread is made to enlighten the public of how broken Accuracy and Dodge is in the game. I will make a compilation of the previous tests that have been contributed in a different thread to further discuss the issue on a proper classification and, to raise awareness for the developers. This is the first video that was published in the previous thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOHBTtjuwR0 SunReign with 476 Dodge + 20% PC Cafe Lelantos with 496 Dodge RPX with 341 Accuracy (RangerxWarrior)(+7 DA Grace Gloves + Aiming Booster) AnorexiA with 345 Accuracy (Striker Class)(+7 DA Grace Gloves) Conclusion of Tests: (Bow) 341 Accuracy = Hit against 476 Dodge (Bow) 341 Accuracy = Hit against 496 Dodge (Launcher) 345 Accuracy = Hit against 476 Dodge (Launcher) 345 Accuracy = Hit against 496 Dodge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MnGh6o961A (This test was contributed by Foxis aka Hen aka TheSacredRiana) Skarlet with 466 Dodge ATITOM with 361 Accuracy (Punisher Class)(+7 CA Grace Gloves + Donation Mantle + Compose potion) Giovanov with 366 Accuracy (RangerxWarrior)(+7 Ca Grace Gloves + Aiming Booster + Compose potion) Conclusion of Tests: (Spear)(ATITOM) 331 Accuracy = Miss against 466 Dodge (Spear)(ATITOM) 361 Accuracy = Hit against 466 Dodge (Bow)(Giovanov) 341 Accuracy = Miss against 466 Dodge (Bow)(Giovanov) 366 Accuracy = Hit against 466 Dodge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o06mtYKnv08&feature=youtu.be SEE with 496 Dodge + 20% PC Cafe RPX with Aiming Booster + +7 DA Grace Gloves (Spear/Bow) Conclusion of Tests: (Spear) 321 Accuracy = HIT against 496 Dodge (Bow) 341 Accuracy = Hit against 496 Dodge Assessment of the said test tells us that there's a discrepancy towards the calculation of Dodge and Accuracy within the system. These mechanics are used by all the race and are therefore crucial to the balance of our game, I implore everyone to help us make some changes and give feedbacks or run some more tests with different variables to elaborate on the said issue.
  8. kAto

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    Ok, this is a remake of the video we've made to elaborate the stats further. As you can see in this video both stats of the players being tested is being displayed clearly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o06mtYKnv08&feature=youtu.be SEE with 496 Dodge + 20% PC Cafe RPX with Aiming Booster + +7 Grace Gloves (Spear/Bow) Conclusion of Tests (Spear) 321 Accuracy = HIT against 496 Dodge (Bow) 341 Accuracy = Hit against 496 Dodge
  9. kAto

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    So what's your point? You neglected to report this since 2018 and you want to blame it on us? If you had actually cared about this issue before why didn't you made an effort to fight for what's right? About the Bellato dodge, I said that he was lying as implied to the video proof we have that 341 accuracy is already hitting a 496 dodge Bellato and yet here you are making up these numbers of your own saying that you cannot hit said 496 dodge with 355/376 accuracy, if this is true then make a video proof of this and if the outcome is valid then the value of dodge in the game is more screwed up than we think.
  10. kAto

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    I've already raised this issue as well with Izzy before, that I was hitting "EL' a dodger in Cora with 486 dodge with merely using just Aiming booster and Grace gloves, this class will benefit with the changes if said problem will be fixed. Though upon you instigating that this is just "coming from bells", we aren't like you guys that only thinks about themselves, when we report something we make sure that we do our due diligence of providing said proof and fair outcome. If you still don't believe me, just refer to the provided video or make your own to contend said tests.
  11. kAto

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    Stop lying, my guildmates had just tested this just now and 341 Accuracy on Acc still hits 496 dodge. Provide your own proof instead of trying to prove a point base on just your own words. This stuff can't magically be fix without changing the values through maintenance.
  12. kAto

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    Are you online now? If you like you can do some tests right now with us. Because we've already made a video of it and had it submitted to the admin. You can even try your +7 Spear and DS my AR you'll 1hit Kill it too, we've already tested it aswell. (Here is the link for the test we did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOHBTtjuwR0)
  13. kAto

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    I didn't say all LC can do it, ofcourse there are terms you need to achieve to actually do it, but for it to exist that's pretty ridiculous. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining about Launcher Damage in general, but how AR's are definitely useless in PVP. And yet some members here said that 8 AR can beat 8 Launchers. Lmao
  14. kAto

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    Refer to the video RaizoR had posted in Facebook, he used 1 Chain rocket on a full hp lvl 75 AR.
  15. kAto

    Changelog 19/02/2020

    AR can be destroyed by 1 DS (DS has 5 mins CD and everyone can use it), 1T by LC too, 3T by Isis (Before the latest patch). That 28k~32k you're pointing out misses 80% of the time, if you don't believe me try it yourself go I'll let you borrow 1 of my AR with full gear. To hit a Bellato Ranger with 496 Dodge you only need Grace Gloves and Aiming Booster, you don't need an Accuracy potion anymore, if you don't believe me you can try it yourself (We were even using an xclass RangerxWarrior in ACC to test this). So what's the point of going dodge type if it was that easy to hit it? Just switch 2 items, boom you melt a ranger, if you are using a pure class with additional accuracy you don't even need aiming booster just change gloves and you can hit. Point being Bellato race is nerfed to the ground compared to the two other race that's been getting buffs and fixes for the past few months. And here you are trying to see who has the longer dick by comparing your "specialties".