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  1. Let them, this thread is too funny.
  2. kAto

    New Regulation RL/Council

    Only RL and not Councils? There should be punishment sir for Councils that are not active at war 2~3 times a day.
  3. kAto

    déjà vu

    You're quoting me and criticizing what we're doing as if we're doing something bad. How is that not personal? Next time if you think you can do better, then do it yourself instead of hopping on every race that has the upper hand, why didn't you stick on playing Cora? why not help them instead? why move to Bellato and be a hypocrite, yes I saw you killing lowbies aswell as soon as you get a good set of gear. If you're genuinely concerned about Cora, shouldn't you make an effort too to make this work instead of criticizing it?
  4. kAto

    déjà vu

    Oh come on, you're blaming this on us? When we're the ones who were trying to make it work? Why don't you try and do this on your own instead of making these stupid points in the forums? Base on what you are implying we should give our own time for them? We're here to have fun too, the burden of others is not our issue if they won't help themselves. (Sablay ka rin sa mga points mo eh, parang ung sarcastic na "deja vu" post mo.)
  5. kAto

    déjà vu

    For this to work both races should make an effort on handling things in Lume, but it ended up having bell councils handling the feuds amongst rule-breakers and that's not what we have agreed upon on, so we decided to just call off the truce. Cora councils went to AFK after our talk, we specifically said that they should monitor their own race so that if anything happens to them they'll have someone to contact us to resolve the issue. We're trying to help the game by compromising our own self-interest, we've even initiated this truce and tried to be emphatic towards the plight Cora is dealing with, but if you can't even help your own race then why are we to be blamed?
  6. kAto

    déjà vu

    Hopefully, this doesn't get viewed as a bad thing for Accretia, we're just letting Cora farm at these times cause there's no time slot for them. At night ACC farm and Bells from morning to afternoon(Nighttime as well if there's no one to contest). Its a matter of giving them some time to recover their population for the game to thrive.
  7. AFTER ACCRE WON CW, GREEN And SainLucca went to CCC to get free kills from Bellato's ARs.
  8. You didn't even clarify as to why there were no ACC that had died in that scenario, and you were saying that HSK is "nearly dead" made it worse. HP of HSK was still at 10% at that time thus me ordering them to just prepare and not attack, and yet ACC killed me and worst of all an RL did it, all other ACC can do was laugh and say that it was an idiot idea to do that. To enlighten the point of this report I had done, It is to avoid such behavior of councils/RL that has immunity to Jade Karma. This will benefit every race, not just ACC and Bell, as this will be an epitome that the system works and it is not being abused by anyone in the game.
  9. Come on RaizoR stop defending him, you can even clearly see your race mate are saying that RPX was noob for doing such a thing. In the background you can see most of the accretians were still DPSing HSK. So where is this thing you are saying that ACC was being pushed back by Bell? If Bell initiated the "Push back" as you said why isn't there any Acc that died on that photo? Wouldn't the death of Ann be another issue at hand here, if Ann was actually dead on that photo when HSK was still alive? and doesn't that prove that ACC had broke MOU multiple times on that instance? I think you're making it worse for your case if you're pointing out this kind of thing as HSK was clearly still up on that screenshot. Let me reiterate myself that the rule doesn't prohibit past actions to be reported as long as it hasn't been reported before or had already been given punishment, so you can stop now with the "this has happened before" plea. As for your 2nd point, The topic at hand here is when RPX killed BABS when HSK was still up, and ACC opt-out to camp outside of the core and not help Bellato even though Cora had already skip trying to defend HSK. As for your accusation against KeepGoing, I can make an alternate account and shout on all chat "RaizoR killed me and broke MOU", the point here is where is your proof of this wrongdoing? Bellato is not as petty to be fazed by such taunt, we don't care if it's a joke or he intended to do such a thing, don't twist the subject by pointing out things that aren't even related on the topic at hand. I admire your so-called "clarification" but you had only made it worse by twisting the story to favor your own case. Good try though.
  10. And there are no rules that prohibit an RL from giving karma jade for past actions. As long as it is not a repeated report from a past screenshot that had already been reported it is still a viable report. You guys are all about rules, and this doesn't violate any of those I'm not sure where these snide comments are coming from.
  11. I didn't get to post this before cause I don't want to give Karma Jade to an RL. But he was being an Ass the whole time and I've had it. There's a recent incident that was posted by BABS on a different thread, maybe that one is more "Update to date" if you may. I try to be friendly to anyone in the game, even if they trash talk me or say mean things to me, I rarely report anyone or even bother making these kinds of threads.
  12. This happened on CW3 when Cora had won, ACC and Bell were killing HSK at that time.
  13. RPX killed me when HSK was still alive.
  14. kAto

    Accretia IGN : Impakto (Blink)

    So, in conclusion, there was no breach of any kind last night? just a minor set back on the server being laggy? good to know. Transparency when it comes to this kind of information is necessary, as it gives more enlightenment that XTR team values fair play on the server. Thanks Sir Izzy.
  15. kAto

    Accretia IGN : Impakto (Blink)

    Why must I apologize for something that been recorded and was just being investigated? The person asked me if you were blinking and I said yes, as this is the same conclusion that had been said by most people that were chasing you. I am not inclined or mandated by any rules on this server nor morally to apologize for something that is or were a suspicion of cheating, my concern was for the welfare of the players in the game to have a clean and thriving environment. So sorry, but I'm not sorry for the opinions that I had given in this thread.