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  1. Ozonee

    New Regulation RL/Council

    Is this fine?pretending unintentionally
  2. You should say i met myself..lol
  3. Ozonee

    CPT Discussion

    So all guild level will going down to 1 after cpt reset?
  4. Ozonee

    CPT Discussion

    So i need to use my cpt for gacha before reset
  5. Ozonee

    CPT Discussion

    Is there any notice before reseting cpt?
  6. Ozonee

    Invi Hitting Max Range

    Pre legit ung sinasabi ni darah..kahit invisible kpa basta pmsok k s range pde k matira..gngawa ko rin yan..
  7. Have you tried to whisper him after he gone...if not try to whisper him next time you encounter him again..1 of the possible reason is force log out..
  8. U can see enemy out of you range even he is on stealth..but just his name
  9. Ozonee

    Dragon 20 Pcs?. NO +7 xD

    Yeah go back to cora...hahahah
  10. Bro try to click char..then control 1..
  11. Ozonee

    Dragon 20 Pcs?. NO +7 xD

    Maybe bellato race is not for you try to go cora hahahaha
  12. Ozonee

    Dragon 20 Pcs?. NO +7 xD

  13. Yeah its all about luck..i combined 12 pcs again and get 3..