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  1. Zubas

    Q>storage blocking?

    Confirmation : https://forum.rf-extreme.com/topic/1413-how-to-bypass-mau/?tab=comments#comment-6231
  2. is there any sanctions about these riders blocking NPC's? i cant confirm but these are the characters who didn't move since those MAUs are blocking the coinexchange
  3. 9/21/2019 12:12 pm (GMT+8) CW2
  4. Zubas


    oh ok.. but it seems like he is staging this "KARMA". on my screenshot, he is clearly very near but it seems like he even zoomed out and wants to appear far in his screenshot.
  5. * The Dementor will open a gateway that will lead straight to his Binding Location. Members of the party should enter the portal before the caster.
  6. Zubas


    1 . ) why are you editing your pictures before you post?? 2. ) you are clearly in the range of clout chop or pressure. 3. ) (second pic) if the RL gets karma you'll be happy?? so you did that "purposely"? that kind of thinking will lessen the population or maybe you can't beat him you thought of that way? like "i'll get near the chip so that if i'll die from his pressure, i'll post him for KARMA", was that it? or maybe it's just me?
  7. Is there a way to reset my level (again, without compensation)? Since I am new here and read about reborn, and about inactive race. I cared to farm even if no farm spot so I thought of maxing my reborn. Being new is a pain in the "A" since some players answer illogically and can't understand most of the other races. So, I just reborn and reborn and reborn, every reborn tells you how many reborns you have but since the 10th reborn will just say "blah blah"(9), I thought "I have one more left" so I maxed my level again.. So having a bit of tempo, my char is just a waste to delete it. Tempo and some other factors are so hard to just throw away for a beginner like me.
  8. IGN : E1 CW2 , 1:49 pm ( GMT +8)