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Reduce PB Benteng spawn, From 24 Hours change to 18 Hours for once spawn Read more... ×


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  1. SyrFlover

    CB trap kill

    i doubt yes , but let him be xD
  2. SyrFlover

    cursing all Cora with F.U

    even me sir, i humbly respect sir Darah :D
  3. SyrFlover

    cursing all Cora with F.U

    I'm so happy sir :D thanks a lot
  4. SyrFlover

    this is alarming

    Aye, I absolutely agree to this. I invited my friend, I teached him a lot of things. he played a couple of hours , I went with him to show the way. Answered a lot of questions came from him until he reached 58. Now, when we tried to go and Level up on lume, Bells are dominating it, Even if Cora and ACC teamed up for one possible reason. We just can't fight back... I hope everything would be balanced. :(
  5. SyrFlover

    cursing all Cora with F.U

    @Baren yeah, I will wait for sir Izzy to see this one too.
  6. SyrFlover

    cursing all Cora with F.U

    IGN: GreenCross Race: Bellato
  7. "maka tulog na ! mga boring cora f.y kayo!" translate: " can sleep, All Cora's are boring F*** You all. Date: ‎September ‎4, ‎2019, ‏‎ Time: 12:44AM (11 hours ago)
  8. man, he's abusing. do it now. I will support you
  9. SyrFlover

    Advertising Other Server (/all)

    Sad for him, he was my friend and tried to recruit me, BUT! I REFUSED, because my one and only rule is, if I play any server and i feel like (I like this one) , I will never leave. serves right for him. Was annoyed when he chatted me because of that. Now, I'm at peace. thanks a lot.