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  1. SyrFlover

    Debuff on SZ

    Debuffs on SZ is punishable? If yes, i have tons of records to send and this guy oWaKungo is debuffing while im in SZ ign: oWaKungo race: Bellato
  2. SyrFlover

    déjà vu

    sadly, its all for a naught. It ended quick. there are some bells killing in LUME too. Also, if you guys have done this early before, many players stayed at CORA or didnt hop or didnt quit immediately (they quit immediately because they can't farm nor fight back).. But, in the end, it depends on how things work.
  3. Hi sir GM, this early morning, i was able to upgrade this char of mine, I cleared out first my items inside the bag to make sure that I can get the items after I reborn, but this happened, i didnt get it after I reborn, i re-log but still didnt please help me sir
  4. MOU Breaker: HITACHI Race: Accretia CW2 Winner: Bellato. Chiptarget: Bellato Bell Chip had its life at 70% or so yesterday night ( CW3 ) yet, this guy killed me right away. please punish sir @Izzy
  5. SyrFlover

    Changelog 23/12/2019

    aw. this is nice. I just hope it wont lag.
  6. SyrFlover

    Changelog 14/12/2019

  7. SyrFlover

    Im Concern about my Race (Cora)

    I hope no one hates Cora, our past RL's are so good at commanding, and he's subordinates are good as well, everyone help's each others hands and give their time to teach to those new players. I hope, those new players came back and strengthen our numbers You guys (Acc or Bells) can notice it, every CW, only 1-9 Cora can participate or even so or even FEWER or sometimes NONE, and its not enough compared to your numbers kinda depressing Note: ignore this Cora guy who always Trashtalk you (this is one person using only (Boy or Girl(he's girlfriend) >> GGns, YourStrong, AVATARGay << The most c a n c e r in Cora.
  8. SyrFlover

    Im Concern about my Race (Cora)

    yeah, Its been a month that I stop playing too because of this problem I want to farm but no one can repel because ACC is farming with their guardians (Onyx with dark ray sets and some OP onyx users) OR (Bells with dark ray sets and Onyx on their hands). too bad, some Cora's got few of onyx weapon and few of them have a Dark ray sets too but WE CANT REPEL IT BACK BECAUSE OF LOW PEOPLE. If i repel alone, it would be me vs 1 party or 2 :V (kinda sad).... Also, upgrading on Cora seems so pretty low unlike the other race(someone told me that the 2 other race has a decent opportunity to get) and yet ........ Too bad, In my feelings right now about this server, its starting to fade. (this is the only server I played since I came back. The last time I played was on 2010). I hope GM would really look on to this. Fewer and fewer people are playing Cora (ONLY PURE CORA not mixed with other race on their accounts). Like sir Penny said, sooner or later, it would be ACC vs BELLS.
  9. SyrFlover


    what are you trying to do with it? at Hitler said, js only helps the page to make it load faster. study more
  10. many guys hated you, and that makes you famous hehehe
  11. yeah best to avoid in Chip War time, but still there are some people in some race, breaks mou rule and DS -_- even if the chip percent is 60% or higher. I wish they read the rules first.. :D
  12. SyrFlover

    Racist Cora Player!

    okay sir, thanks, and i didnt put a grudge on him anyway, i just ignored him after that incident, i just want to tell him to respect others characters/class/abilities by each person coz they dont have the stuffs yet. ^_^ but someday soon, or later on, I could fight back just enjoying pvp and farming is the best way to kill time
  13. SyrFlover

    Racist Cora Player!

    true, we must avoid that.. also, everyone should avoid T.T when you killed someone weaker than "us" or "you". hahaha coz last night I played, 1 - ACC named GBK killed me and said = "Weak" ... like, hello? warrior versus ranger is not a good match at first hahaha! but i dont mind. i could kill him instantly with traps xD
  14. SyrFlover

    Racist Cora Player!

    the best "KARMA" of his life. hahahahahaha
  15. SyrFlover

    Buff after being revived

    i guess its only 5 secs or 5secs +