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  1. Ateethya

    Breaking MOU ign : Sweety80

    you may defend your friend as long you dont lose your pride as good player and good person. dont be a fool, and let him learn the lesson from the punishment. rules are rules, be fair.
  2. Ateethya

    Letter of Exception for RaizoR

    Greetings, RF XTR owner and all players. This is sad news for accretia. We lost a loyal and remarkable player, who inspire others, encouraging everyone to not give up easily on this game (raizor motivates me to keep on trying to get onyx, even i still not get it till now lol). And may I ask to cora and bells players, how does it feel if you lost a great enemy ? even you always got frustated when you face him, but thats how we play, create great pvp moments, the unforgettable one. I fully understand from the captured race chat, that “RaizoR” saying inappropriate words which probihited in this server. But, in my opinion, I think something is not right. How can a loyal player like him, who played this game for long time, can easily promote another rf using race chat ? Also we can see that RaizoR just logged in, and instantly respond to Manipel accretian’s topic abt another rf server. And after that, RaizoR spamming another RF server with its name. Absolutely something isnt right here. One of raizor’s pilot said that he was in game, then suddenly someone logging in RaizoR (Ditabrak boskuh) .And after that RaizoR logged in again, he suddenly talked abt another rf, responding to another player’s topic. Another council who online in that moment, saying that he was in talk with RaizoR (which logged in by previous pilot) abt Fixed damage of Onyx FT. And then RaizoR got disconnected, logged in again by mysterious person, and he shouted abt another rf server using race chat. Even owner and his trusted pilots will not act stupidly like that. If owner strictly ban RaizoR permanently, at least can you help to inform the ip address when RaizoR logged in and promoting another rf ? Justice must be done. RaizoR is now considered as one of strongest accretian in this server. When we are almost losing hope in war with cora and bells, RaizoR made us fight bravely even we are outnumbered. Accretia also need more players to compete with other race, and RaizoR can help new players. Hopefully someday another better accretian can replace him. Great man comes from great mentor. Hopefully you can reconsider your decision abt BP on RaizoR. Thank you. Fight with honor and respect. See you in Chip War guys !
  3. IGN : PrincessElizabet Race : Cora Reason : breaks MOU while gonna kill hsk in CW 2 November 9th, 2019 (CW2 Winner : Bellato)